How to Turn On your Valentine!

Scented Candles. Roses. Hearts. Balloons. Chocolates. Love songs. Surprises. Gifts. The whole world absorbed in pink and red. Feeling jittery with the thought of Valentine’s being around the corner? While you’re in the dilemma of whether to act cheesy by celebrating Valentine’s Day or to be cool by not giving attention to this day, we bring to you special valentine day gifts for her ideas to add a twist to this special day... Well, guys, truth be told, all the girls (Read: All The Girls!) like to feel pampered on this day... So start prepping!

1. Go For Movie Date

Bringing some popcorn while watching a movie is often underrated. Take our word, it is one of the best times when you can laugh and cry and live through multiple emotions in a span of a few hours! After all, hasn’t your life been similar? Don’t forget to slip the Valentine rings for girlfriend in pretty fingers.

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2. Gift Her A Chocolate

You might be in a long-distance relationship and not happen to be in the same city as your partner but what is Valentine’s Day without chocolates and roses?! Send her a box of her favorite chocolates and surprise her with something that lasts. Maybe a pair of earrings, after all, she always hears’ you out!

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3. Handmade Card

There is nothing better than actually making efforts for the person you love. Write a poem or make a handmade card or maybe just write the quotes or common words that you both share in common. Do it even if you think you can’t do it. After all, it is the thought that matters.

While you already sweep that special someone off her feet, surprise her with jewellery that speaks love and only love.

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4. Arrange a Romantic Dinner Date:

Booking tables at her favorite restaurant? Or thinking of cooking her favorite cuisine? Or maybe thinking of having a quaint candle-light dinner at a beachside café? Whatever you decide, how about ending it on a sweet note? No, we aren’t talking about the dessert here. Gift her necklace that she can cherish forever. Shop the necklace here.
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Flower-power your love with our collection of handcrafted roses in passionate reds. We’ve spent days to perfect these handcrafted roses with petals plump with desire and make this day special for you. Happy Valentine’s Week! ❤️  
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