How To Wear That Brooch With Saree!

Brooch is often an overlooked accessory, but if worn right can create a spark in the appearance. As the design, intricacy, and value of brooches increase, their value as a necessary fashion accessory has established. Not just restricted to the fashion-sensitive outfits, brooches are becoming part and parcel of everyday wear jewellery. Wear them to parties, official work, a day out shopping, a picnic or even to a spectacular sporting event.

Saree pins have progressed from being an accessory of utility to hold the pallu in place to an accessory that complements the saree itself. Wearing a matching saree brooch with chain makes the difference. We bring to you 5 ways to wear the brooch with your saree. Let's take a look...

Wearing the Brooch at the Backside

Wear the brooch on the backside by using it to pin the pallu at the back. Not only will the pallu get a better grip, it stays in place all the time and also is a new fashion jewellery  statement. Look as good from the back as from the front!

Wearing the Saree Pin Sideways

Create a fashion statement by wearing saree brooches to pin the pallu on the side-front of the saree. This approach is for simple sarees and it also allows the brooch to be seen. This is a life-size version of the brooch that is a hybrid between contemporary and traditional styles.

Wearing it With a Backless Blouse

Deep neck blouses or backless blouses are a pertinent style statement. This style never goes out of vogue. Support this exotic and feminine look by pinning an exquisite brooch that pulls the diverging parts of the blouse together.

Combining the Kamarband With the Brooch

Combine a beaded kamarband with a saree brooch. This style works for kamarbands of all types and lengths. For the longer versions, use saree pins at vantage locations to pin the kamarband over a beautiful flowing saree. It’s time to step out with a difference!

Gather Excess Fabric and Looked Toned

Getting the demure, scintillating looks is just a brooch away! When wearing a little dress such as a black top and if there is extra fabric loosely hanging or protruding, just gather the extra fabric and brooch it up at the center! Not only will it look trendy, it saves the trouble of managing excess fabric size. So, go sport that saree with a brooch that speaks your style.

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