"I Dress Well Because I Respect Myself And My Work Space" Says Garima Dutt

(Guest Post by Garima Dutt)

My personal style depends on my mood. I feel I usually play it safe when it comes to choosing clothes and accessories. What I do not compromise on is the idea of feeling and looking ‘well turned out’ and ‘looking the part’.

As my picks are usually understated, I do not differentiate between clothes for going out in the evening and formal/semi-formal work wear.

Accessories are huge personal favourites and I would always have that one striking piece in my attire. I feel earrings, watches and even bags work as important accessories in adding colour and zing to outfits.

While bling jewelry isn’t my scene but it need not be drab either. Interesting, eye-catching statement pieces that sit easy on my non-existent ear-lobes, give way to genuine compliments are my thing.

blog-12(Seen Here Wearing: Studio Voylla Earrings)

When it comes to clothes, I settle for comfortable, classic cuts, no-frills garments that accentuate high-points and hide flaws.

Light cotton and silk sarees, pants-tops for formal meetings; dresses with elegant neat cuts and uncomplicated designs work well for me for formal, semi-formal meetings and even casual outings.

I often like to pair these with striking earrings that can take me through the day to an impromptu night out.Add to this, a straight gait, light or no base, kohl and lipper. Less is more is my mantra!

Since last 4-5 years, I have begun to wear sarees more often. I am glad to see that they are making a comeback of sorts in workspaces.

blog-13blog-10(Seen Here Wearing: Studio Voylla Earrings)

Sarees make for a definitive power-statement though I remember being inundated with stares when I chose to wear sarees to work.

A word of praise that is not out of place is always heartening. But what irritates me is the way men and women judge you. A well-dressed woman is at times thought to be distracting!

The expression, ‘she-must-be-paying-all-attention-to-herself-won’t-pay-attention-to-work’, is written all over some faces at work for women who make the choice that dressing up for work is not going to be a mundane and sexless affair for them.

blog-11(Seen Here Wearing: Earrings From Navrang by Voylla)

For me, a neat workspace and an impeccable personal style are the markers of professionalism. I would style well because I respect myself and my space, a quality with which I would approach my work as well.

Power dressing is all about making a personal statement, feeling confident, in control and elegant. It could be a saree or a skirt. Whatever works for you!

As women make their ‘presence’ felt with increase engagement in all walks of life traditionally considered ‘male space’, wearing your freedom with élan could distract some weak spirits. Mature minds understand that clothing communicates.

Power dressing is not distracting. It conveys that you are ‘positively disruptive’.

blog-14(Seen Here Wearing: Studio Voylla Earrings)

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Author bio:

Garima Dutt is an independent journalist, digital media professional, and teacher based out of New Delhi. 

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