Janmashtami Peacock Collection

  On a silent sunny afternoon , a little baby tip-toes into the kitchen in search of matkas full of butter and finds it hung at a great height. He motions a band of children to come in too and help him and then quickly climbs over their backs and spills the butter over everyone by breaking the earthen pot. Stories of this divine little child infuse warmth and faith in our hearts till date . Stories that bring people together . On Janmanshtami , the birth of Lord Krishna in our hearts is celebrated  massively and his stories are relived in spirit . “Dahi Handi” is celebrated every year with much enthusiasm and faith keeping the divinity alive . Huge human pyramids, pots of curd , dancing crowds in reminiscence of our cute baby deity . Then as the day progresses , the heaven lights up with the twinkle of stars and so do the Indian lanes.  Little children doll up into costumes and bring alive the famous “rasleela” on stage  , the dance of divine passion . Lord Krishna , surrounded by his gopis danced all night to the tune of his flute , never letting Radha leave his side . Their love is glorified and idolized to keep the spirit of true love alive and steal the mind of even the most dispassionate. Playing a flute and a peacock feather adorning is beautiful demeanour , Lord Krishna is born in a space of joy and love in our hearts .   lord-krishna-photos Voylla celebrates Janmashtami and welcomes this blue-skinned joyful deity on Earth . Unveiling the Peacock Collection Jewels inspired by the elaborate elegance on peacock feathers. Shubh Janmashtami Send Janmashtami gifts online jewellery, with international shipping made much easier with Voylla . We shall make sure your Krishna Janmashtami Wishes reaches your loved one on time.
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