Jewellery Care

Everybody loves to own a lot of accessories but if we don’t take care of them, we might just lose our favourite pieces way before time. Not everybody can afford the precious jewels for everyday wear, The Imitation jewellery comes handy when it comes to keeping your budget and style quotient happy. But the only thing is we do have to take really good care of the fake jewellery in order to keep them look new and shiny for a long time. Here are some tips on how to take care for the fake jewellery, which we have learnt over the time and we would love to share them with you. 1. MAKE SURE IT DOESN'T GET WET Getting the fake jewellery wet is very harmful. Make sure you always take it off whenever you go for shower, bathe, swimming, wash dishes or even wash your hands. Over the time, the water will make your jewellery catch rust and also cause discoloration, especially if there is soap scum left on your jewellery. So a little precaution can extend your jewellery’s life. 2 2. PUT YOUR JEWELLERY ON LAST When getting ready, wait until last to put on your jewellery. The chemicals in perfume, hairspray and make up can be harmful to fake jewellery, so make sure that you always put them, in the last after getting all dressed up. 3 3. STAY AWAY FROM THAT LOTION If you’re planning to wear jewellery, you should avoid putting any kind of lotion on the areas that your jewellery will be touching. If lotion is not fully absorbed by the body, it can leave a residue on the jewellery which can in turn dull its glow. If you cannot avoid it, make sure you give the lotion enough time to absorb well before the jewellery is put on. 7 4. STORE PROPERLY Exposure to the moisture in the air isn’t the best thing for fake jewellery. It causes discoloration and fading more rapidly. To store your jewellery the right way, avoid hanging it out in the open to avoid the moisture and also, hanging the jewellery will cause some tension in the structure of the piece, thus making it lose. Store it in a lined jewellery box, and don’t mix different colored metals. Keep silver items together and gold items together so they don’t rub off on each other. 1 5. CLEAN YOUR JEWELLERY OCCASIONALLY While it is best not to get your jewellery wet but, it’s also very important to clean it every now and then, for a better life. You can use a little baby shampoo and warm water, and gently scrub with an old toothbrush. To really polish something up, use a little dab of toothpaste! For sensitive pieces just clean them up with the a very soft cloth. 5 6. TAKE OFF JEWELLERY WHILE DOING HOUSEWORK Cleaning agents have an adverse effect on fake jewellery, so you must make sure to remove any rings or bracelets before you start scrubbing the floors! When wearing anything like a chain or a necklaces, there are always chances that you might get it entangled somewhere, leading to breakage. It’s best just to take off your jewelry while doing any housework. 4 7. DON’T WORKOUT IN JEWELLERY Before you hit the gym, remove any jewellery, fake or precious, chunky or minimal. It’s easier and safer to work out without anything getting in your way, plus when the sweat builds up on jewellery, it is harmful to the stones and the plating of the jewellery whether it’s real or fake. 8 8. CHECK YOUR JEWELLERY PERIODICALLY To keep your jewellery in stupendous shape, it’s wise to periodically do some checking up on pieces you wear often. Loose stones, chipped paint, broken/ loosened clasps must be taken care of before your jewellery piece is completely destroyed. Taking care of your accessories ensures a longer life span for them! 6 These tips will extend the life of your fake jewelry pieces and help keep them looking brand new! Its always better to take care of the pieces you have and buy more and more  over a period of time for having a collection that will make your friends jealous of you. Flaunt what you've got ( and also take care of them) Shuchi K Image Courtesy: Pinterest
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