Kalamkari: Jewellery Inspired By A Timeless Craft

We find our muse in the rich heritage of our country, in the fascinating architecture and sometimes in the diverse crafts of our country. This time, what allured our designers was the art of Kalamkari.



‘Qalam’ has been taken from a Persian word that signifies pen and ‘Kari’ means craftsmanship and this timeless art has an impeccable legacy attached to it which can be dated back to centuries.

Kalamkari is a craft where the craftsman draws and paints with a pen using natural dyes on a piece of cotton fabric. In an era where people are more in anti-chemical movement, Kalamkari appears to be a perfect craft because of the natural dye and still produces beautifully colored fabrics.


This style has a motif of flowers, peacock, paisleys along with religious connotation and is found in ancient temples and mythological classical-like Ramayana and Mahabharata.

kalamkari designs


We have time-traveled to the heart of this timeless craft, to bring you a collection of hand-enameled jewellery in vivid colors and charming motifs. Motifs like peacock, fish, paisley, and elephants have been used in an abstract manner and have been filled with bright colors such as Green, Yellow, Blue and Orange to give the fresh spring-summer vibes.

Tale of Tradition

Owing a handcrafted art piece itself was a remarkable achievement; an art piece carries in itself a tender zeal of companionship, hard word, admiration of a century along with the tales of that time. Each piece of the Kalamkari collection itself tells a tale of the early era when art was a medium of communication with society. The collection speaks itself and beautifies the inner beauty of self, giving its own identity and makes you enhance your personality and makes you close to the century which we hear tales about.

Take a look-

Flower Power


The fashion girls can’t seem to get over the floral trend. Two years and counting.. this trend doesn’t show any sign of going in 2017 as well.

Crafted from brass and silver plating, tiny floral motifs, dainty green and orange beads, and colorful enamel come together to tell a lovely story in the form of these floral drop earrings.

Pretty Paisleys


The paisley motif is a classic and not just a passing trend. Usually found in saris and kurtas, the paisley love has now evolved to jewelry as well. This paisley ring incorporated with artistic details is handcrafted and hand-painted and is nothing but a masterpiece.

The 90's Resurgence- Chokers


The 90's trend made its comeback last year and looks like it's here to stay. Vintage charm and contemporary edginess, the choker necklace is embellished with floral motifs, dainty ghungroos and is perfect to team up with an off-shoulder top.

Go Wild!


Let's save the animals and flaunt our love for them by wearing animal Fashion jewellery. Each piece of this collection is a work of art, a prelude to an unforgettable story.


While traditional attire comes as a natural choice for this collection, get experimental this summer. Flowing dresses in gossamer textiles, floral prints, and pastel-colored separates can be teamed up with the bright jewelry of Kalamkari to break the monotony. Each piece of the collection makes a statement and is thus versatile. Wear it with a linen shirt or a cotton kurta, a shift dress or a linen saree. It looks just as spectacular and unique. 

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