Movies To Stir Up The Feminist In You

Once in a while kicks in a powerful women centric movies in a male dominated industry that shakes up the entire patriarchal system. We’ve curated our absolute favourites for you to watch with your girl gang and celebrate girl power.


08This movie shows the journey of a woman who is on a runaway from her husband and on her flee comes across different problems a woman has to go through. Watch out this one to learn how misogyny has always been used as a tool to save the fragile ego of men.

Angry Indian Goddesses

09Ever wondered what happens when wild bunch of girls go on a bachelorette? Watch out this one to know! A trip that shows girl-bonding and also unfolds the bitter truth of poor safety of women. From harassment to self-acceptance to equality, this movie deals with all beautifully.

Erin Brockovich

06Based on a real life incident, this movie shows a broke, single mother who later on single-handedly brings down a real-estate company.

The Color Purple

07Adaptation of award-winning novel of the same name tells a story of an African American woman fighting for equal rights with her two strong female companions.


04This fun and frenzy movie is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel Emma. Aisha is about an upper-class girl, her bond with her gal pals and an obsession to make everybody's life perfect like a fairytale!


10A court-room drama with hard-hitting dialogues and strong performances. This movie struck right through everybody and gave out unheard and often avoided message- come what may nobody has a right to touch you without your consent.


01The journey of a middle-class girl who goes on her honeymoon alone after being rejected by her beau a day before the wedding. She meets new friends, lives life freely like never before, like a queen- independently!

English Vinglish  

05The story of a woman finding her identity, besides making the best laddoos, in the States is super inspiring. She makes new friends and discovers a new part of her after joining English language tutorials.

How many of these have you watched? Tell us about your favourite movies in the comments below. More power to us!

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