Necklace Style Guide: Choosing Necklace as per the Neckline

Do you have a necklace that you bought with great enthusiasm but it just doesn’t look right with any outfit? Don’t blame yourself for impulse-buying that exquisite necklace because, after all, there’s some logic behind why your necklace seems to be a ‘misfit’. The reason is that you didn’t actually pair it right with the right neckline. Here’s a Necklace Style Guide to help you decide what type of necklace complements which neckline the most. Read on, and thank us later.  

V-Neck Necklace Style

Necklace For V-Neck Ideally, a V-shaped necklace style would do wonders and flatter the V-neckline of your outfit even further. Opt for sleek metallic tones that go well with just about any outfit.  

Scoop Neck

Scoop neck You can pair scoop neck outfits with both short and long necklace sets. Just ensure the length of the necklace does not hit right below your bust line.  

Halter Neck

Halter neck    Wear a choker necklace if it is a high-neck halter dress or blouse. It will enhance your décolletage and make you look slender.  

Boat Neck

Boat neck    Whether ethnic or traditional, long necklaces sets accentuate your boat necks like none other. You can also go for multi-stranded medium length neckpieces to make an impact.  

Cowl Neck  

Cowl neck     Cowl necks are better off without a necklace since there’s already much going on near your neck. You can go for an elegant pendant, though, that will add a touch of grace to your look.  

Strapless Neck

Strapless neck Go for short pendants or choker necklaces, and leave your lovely décolletage bare when going strapless. So now that you know what necklace style to pair with what neckline, scoop out that discarded necklace from your jewelry box and team it right this time. Get, set, go!
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