Office Jewellery Guide

Imagine dressing up in your formal suit and going to watch a circus show, you would definitely feel out of place because the situation demands a relaxed and casual outfit for a fun activity. We all have to dress up according to the occasion or place we are at; these are basic dress ethics we must follow. Like dressing up, there are some ethics when it comes to wearing jewellery as well, especially at your workplace. It is best to avoid certain jewellery pieces at work, so to sort it all out for you, here are some Do’s and Don’ts of work wear jewellery. office jewellery 1 Do’s The Elegant Lady: Keep your jewellery small and classy, Go with a pendant chain, a beaded necklace, stud earrings, small drop danglers, a band ring, or may be a sleek bracelet. Just remember that you have to subtly adorn yourself and not embellish heavily. The Stylish Lady: Just because you have to take the minimalism route doesn't mean you have to look all boring. Have a mix of contemporary sterling silver jewellery, and classy diamonds, stylish yet subtle gemstones and the sophisticated pearls in your work wear wardrobe. Don’ts The Tinker bell Lady: Make sure that your jewellery does not make noise/ sound in the office. Everyone is concentrating on their work, and the disturbing jewellery might not be good idea for such a place. So remember, no clinking and tinkering The Loaded Lady: Layering too many pieces at once will not only be inappropriate for office as it is distracting but also make you look like a Christmas tree. At your workplace you should be portraying a polished and chic look and not a gaudy fashionista. So remember Coco Chanel’s quote here “Always take off one accessory, before stepping out of your home” The Shiny Disco Lady: Remember not to overdo the shine and glittery jewellery. This is a place where you would want to keep it subtle and not hurt your coworkers’ eyes with all the dazzling, reflecting and shimmering jewels. You can save them for a wedding, maybe. Jewellery is indeed a great accessory to enhance any plain Jane outfit, and now that you all know about the Do’s and Don’ts of the office wear jewellery, make sure you look professional and chic from now on. Flaunt what you've got (in the subtle way) Shuchi K
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