All this small-town girl had was great acting skills and a bundle of courage when she left her home in Himachal to pursue her dream.

Now a versatile actress considered to be Bollywood's own, paving her own path by doing unconventional roles and redefining her fashion choices. Today she is everyone’s hero! And Bollywood’s Queen, indeed!

Known for her forthrightness and candour, this International Women’s Day, Kangana Ranaut talks about fashion, her journey and much more…

Read on!

How would you describe your journey from a small town girl of Himachal Pradesh to one of the country’s finest actresses?

It has been a roller-coaster ride with a lot of ups and downs. There has been no dearth of criticism but I have always taken that in my stride and it has helped me to grow and excel. To sum it up, it has been a bitter-sweet journey but it was all worth it! 

How do you define fashion? What is one thing in your closet that you can’t do without?

Fashion is always changing and there can be no fixed definition for it, because there are so many different seasons, styles and trends that come and go and come back again. Personally I love experimenting so many times I gravitate towards more dramatic looks but I also love simple and comfortable styles.

I think I have always been fascinated with jewelry as it has the power to make an outfit go from drab to fab. Even when I don’t feel like dressing-up, I make a statement by wearing head-turning accessories! 


Any piece of advice to Indian women?

Whatever you do, be true to yourself and follow your heart, everything else falls into place. It might sound like a cliché but choose a profession that you absolutely love. Nothing makes one happier than thinking work is where you go for fun. To all the Parents, raise your girls just the way you raise your boys. Shift your focus to the real challenges children will face in life which are the same for both genders.

Stay tuned for more interviews with Kangana! #HappyShopping! 

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