Powerful Quotes From Powerful Women!

For the longest time in history women have been anonymous. Resilient but silent. Strong but stripped of power. It has taken centuries for women to find their voice. Be heard and be counted. We have come a long from being a prejudiced race to one that is taking its women with all the seriousness, love and respect that they deserve. There is still a long way to go before women are treated as equals, but it is time to celebrate the journey so far.

Ever since 1913, 8th of March is observed the world over as International Women’s Day  - to not only give voice to the silent multitudes but to also amplify the voices that are there.

If you still need a reason to join the movement, here are some women of substance and sass whose inspirational words are bound to stir you up.

Michelle Obama

011 (3)Arundhati Roy

02Emma Watson

03Chanda Kocchar

04Kangana Ranaut

05Zooey Deschanel

01Oprah Winfrey


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