Raksha Bandhan 2024: 5 Jewellery Ideas That Would Be the Best Rakhi Gifts for Your Sister

Jewellery holds a timeless appeal and represents a deep sense of tradition and sentimentality. Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the enduring bond between siblings, and jewellery, with its lasting nature, beautifully symbolizes this enduring connection, therefore making it the best Rakhi gift. Whether it is a delicate bracelet, a pair of elegant earrings, or a classic pendant, jewellery pieces are cherished for years, often becoming family heirlooms passed down through generations. This enduring quality makes them perfect for commemorating the lifelong bond celebrated during Rakhi.

Additionally, jewellery offers a versatile and personal touch to gifting, allowing you to select pieces that perfectly match your sister’s personality and style. With a wide range of designs, from modern minimalist pieces to elaborate traditional adornments, you can find a Rakhi gift for your sister that resonates with her unique tastes. You can find pieces that suit various occasions, from casual outings to festive celebrations, which make a bold fashion statement and allow her to express her unique style. To help you with your search, we’ve put together a guide of 5 jewellery styles, each covering various jewellery collections, for you to explore ahead of Raksha Bandhan. Let’s get started!

1. Contemporary Ethnic 
Gifting contemporary ethnic jewellery to your sister for Raksha Bandhan is a fantastic idea. It offers a blend of traditional aesthetics and modern designs, making each piece unique and stylish, and the ideal Rakhi gift for your sister. Voylla’s Nazakat collection, for example, features intricately designed gold pieces inspired by Arabesque architecture, incorporating pearls and delicate patterns that evoke timeless elegance​​. This ensures that the jewellery not only complements traditional attire but also adds a sophisticated touch to modern outfits.


The Morni collection draws inspiration from the peacock, a symbol of grace and beauty in Indian culture. The detailed craftsmanship of these silver pieces makes them perfect for festive occasions. They can instantly elevate your sister's look, adding a touch of ethnic charm that resonates with the cultural significance of Raksha Bandhan. Whether it's a statement necklace or a pair of exquisite earrings, the Morni collection offers options that are both eye-catching and meaningful, making them the best Rakhi gifts.

Voylla’s Bagh-e-Fiza collection features nature-inspired designs with floral motifs and intricate detailing, reflecting the beauty of gardens and foliage. This collection is the ideal Rakhi gift for a sister who appreciate delicate jewellery or jewellery that has enamelling in bright and contrasting pastel colours. Each piece from Bagh-e-Fiza can be a versatile addition to her jewellery box, suitable for both daily wear and special occasions. By choosing contemporary ethnic jewellery from these collections, you're not just giving a beautiful accessory but also a piece of art that celebrates heritage and modernity, perfectly capturing the essence of Rakhi.

2. Oxidized Boho 
Gifting oxidized boho jewellery to your sister for Raksha Bandhan is great because it combines cultural richness with contemporary style. Voylla’s Aham Brahmasmi collection offers pieces that embody spiritual and philosophical elements, with intricate designs and oxidized finishes that add a touch of antiquity and sophistication. These pieces can elevate casual ethnic or contemporary wear, making them versatile additions to your sister's jewellery collection, fitting the bill for great Raksha Bandhan gifts.

Our Nrityotsava collection draws inspiration from the vibrant festival of Navratri and the traditional banjara designs, featuring intricate patterns and embellishments. Items like the Nrityotsava Falguni 2 Layers Jhumka and Amulya Collar Necklace Set are perfect examples of how oxidized silver can be transformed into stunning statement pieces. These items not only enhance ethnic attire but also work well with fusion wear, allowing your sister to showcase her style effortlessly

The Bodhi collection is another great option for a Rakhi gift for your sister, known for its nature-inspired designs and artistic appeal. Each piece in this collection reflects a blend of bohemian flair and elegance. By choosing oxidized boho jewellery from these collections, you offer your sister a Raksha Bandhan gift that is not only beautiful and trendy but also deeply rooted in cultural significance. This thoughtful choice will surely make her feel both cherished and stylish this Raksha Bandhan.


3. Traditional Opulence 
Traditional opulent jewellery is the best Rakhi gift you can give your sister. She will thank you every time she has to attend a wedding or any other festivities that require heavy jewellery.  Voylla's collections like Heer, Forever More, Abharan, and Aradhana are ideal Raksha Bandhan gifts. The Heer collection features intricate designs with detailed craftsmanship, perfect for adding a touch of regal elegance to any festive attire. These gold and red pieces will make your sister feel like royalty.

The Forever More collection offers a blend of timeless beauty and contemporary style, featuring gold-plated pieces adorned with colourful stones and enamel work. These jewellery sets are designed to make a statement, ideal for special occasions and festive celebrations. Each piece is meticulously crafted to provide an opulent look, ensuring your sister feels glamorous whenever she puts it on. 

Forever More

The Abharan and Aradhana collections are equally exquisite, offering a variety of options from heavily embellished jewellery sets to elegant drop earrings and floral rings. These pieces, embellished with pearls and coloured stones, are perfect for pairing with traditional Indian attire. By choosing jewellery from these collections, you provide your sister with a versatile and stunning addition to her wardrobe, celebrating the bond of Rakhi with a gift that embodies love and sophistication.


4. Sophisticated Glam 
Gifting sophisticated glam jewellery to your sister during Raksha Bandhan is an excellent way to show your love and appreciation. Voylla’s ‘Jewels of Taj’ collection offers pieces that are both elegant and timeless, inspired by the grandeur of the Taj Mahal. These pieces feature intricate designs and sparkling stones, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether it's a pair of dazzling earrings or a statement necklace, this collection will make your sister feel cherished and special.

Jewels of Taj

For a touch of contemporary elegance, the Sparkling Elegance and Mosaic collections are ideal. Pieces like the Victorian Style Set and Teardrop Cut Set from the Sparkling Elegance collection are perfect for sisters who love to shine and make a statement with their accessories. The Mosaic collection, inspired by the art of Cubism, offers unique pieces that combine creativity with craftsmanship. The geometric pair of statement earrings can be a thoughtful and stylish Rakhi gift for a sister who appreciates art and fashion. 

For a versatile yet glamorous option, the Starlight collection provides jewellery that embodies sophistication and elegance. Featuring shimmering cubic zirconia and sleek designs, pieces from this collection are perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. A layered necklace set or an elegant ring from the Starlight collection can add a touch of sparkle to your sister's jewellery collection, making it a memorable and cherished Raksha Bandhan giftBy choosing from these sophisticated collections at Voylla, you can find the best Rakhi gift to celebrate the special bond you share with your sister.


5. Casual Chic 
For this Raksha Bandhan, delight your sister with casual chic jewellery from Voylla's exquisite collections. Embrace the tropical vibes with the Hawaii collection, featuring pieces that capture the allure of island life. Imagine adorning your sister's wrist with a delicate bracelet adorned with tropical flowers, or gifting her earrings with hibiscus flowers, encapsulating the carefree spirit of summer.


Alternatively, explore the Fresh Fern collection, where elegance meets simplicity. Present your sister with a necklace adorned with fern-inspired motifs, symbolizing growth, resilience, and a deep bond that withstands the test of time. Complement it with matching earrings for a complete ensemble that exudes understated sophistication.

Fresh Fern

For a touch of whimsy, turn to the Flower Fantasy collection. Let your sister immerse herself in a world of floral delight with intricately designed pieces featuring blooming flowers in full bloom. From dainty rings to statement necklaces, each piece celebrates femininity and the beauty of nature, making it the best Rakhi gift to celebrate the cherished bond between siblings. With Casual Chic jewellery from Voylla's Hawaii, Fresh Fern, and Flower Fantasy collections, this Raksha Bandhan will be a celebration of style, elegance, and the enduring bond between siblings.

Flower Fantasy
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