Ranbir Kapoor's New Luxurious Bachelor Pad!

Almost after a year of juggling between houses, Ranbir Kapoor has finally found a bachelor pad for himself on Wednesday which also marked 92nd birth anniversary of his grandfather Raj Kapoor. ‘Vastu’- the new house is located at pali hill in suburban Mumbai that captures the essence of traditions with modernity and it reportedly costs whopping Rs 35 crores

The talented Gauri Khan stepped up to do the interiors of the new house and damn the result is breathtaking! She proudly shared few pictures of the new pad that prove the excellence of her work.

Charming#warm#wonderful@vastu #redrajiv#collaborations

A photo posted by Gauri Khan (@gaurikhan) on

Koffee with Ranbir@vastu. Saving the champagne for tomorrow @neetu54

A photo posted by Gauri Khan (@gaurikhan) on

The proud parent and an active twiterrati Rishi Kapoor thanked Gauri on behalf of his wife and himself for her wonderful work at “Vastu”.

Ranbir’s two dogs a French Mastiff and an English Mastiff will be sharing the abode with him. So cute, right?

Congratulations Ranbir! We would love to see more pics of the house soon :D

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