Rhea Chakraborty Has This Advice For Every Woman!

Women’s Day Rhea VoyllaRhea is an example of a person who takes the road less traveled, yet makes it look like a walk in the park! Having been an unforgettable television host for MTV she is now one of the future superstars in the country. She has already proven herself by leading in multiple films and is currently working for a Yash Raj Film. Belying her enormous talent is an easy energy that she exudes and quite confidence that is so charismatic. Known for her jaw-dropping looks and effortless acting skills, here’s presenting Rhea Chakraborty in a candid conversation with Voylla...

1. Describe your journey from being a VJ to leading a YRF movie.

My journey, although at the outset might look like a walk in the park, was fraught with difficulties. Although I started my career in television in 2009, getting to this very point was difficult. But that’s what life teaches! To be strong in one’s focus and persevere till the iceberg melts! My life since the time I auditioned for MTV’s TVS Scooty Teen Diva has been a roller-coaster ride. I was the first runner-up in this reality show. It was at this point that I tasted success and felt that I was made for a life under the arc lights. Taking a leaf out from this book of experience, I auditioned for a VJ role at MTV Delhi. And my oh my! I was selected! Then began my journey as an MTV host for several shows such as Wassup, TicTac College Beat and MTV Gone in 60 Seconds.

The confidence I gained interacting with people helped me immensely. I was born confident but it needed an outlet! People say that they turn to acting in films after “the acting bug bit them”. As for me, I always knew I was an artiste. So in 2012 I didn’t get my first “film break” but my first “artistic break”. I debuted in Tuneega Tuneega, a Telugu film before Bollywood came calling. The very next year I made my Bollywood foray with Mere Dad Ki Maruti. My Eureka Moment was bagging a Yash Raj Film – Bank Chor, and I am currently working on this project. Fingers crossed!

2. Tell us about the women who inspire you the most.

Any woman, be it the homemaker who has raised her kids to be educated and self-reliant, to a bureaucrat, to an accomplished actress – any woman who has gone about her life with dignity, inspires me. A woman’s accomplishment is subjective. She could run a country or a family. If she has brought happiness and change to the lives of people, it could be four of them or a billion of them; I think she has done a fabulous job. I always look up to such women – an example is my mother. I look up to my mother for inspiration and try to become a better version of myself, which I hope can happen someday!

3. Share the most life altering experience you’ve have had so far.

There is no single life altering experience that I would vote upfront. I believe in serendipity – a series of events leading to a single life-changing event. Going for the audition at MTV is one such life altering experience. There could be several such life altering experiences coming up – so wait and watch!

4. What does being a woman in today's India mean to you?

Being a woman is about being myself without restrictions and being able to express myself without being judged. There is no such thing as Indian women vs. Western women. A woman is a woman – regardless of her country of origin, culture and social environment. All women share certain common traits. It is time to empower women who can bring a positive change to society. There is a saying that all men are born equal. I think all women are also born equal to men and above!

5. Any piece of advice to women 

There is no right time or wrong time – this is the time! Get out there and shine on!

Happy Women's Day! Keep shining y'all! <3

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