Ranveer Singh Made Us Go AWWW at IIFA 2016! ?

Ranveer Singh praised Deepika Padukone at IIFA 2016 in the sweetest way possible while receiving the Best Actor award for his performance in Bajirao Mastani.

This movie brought in lead pair's real life chemistry on-screen and had us lovestruck! ? Ranveer Singh is very well known for his PDA for Deepika Padukone and doesn't shy away from showing his love anywhere. Be it an interview, promotional event or award functions, he has always managed to make Deepika feel special (that lucky girl!). ? Let's have a look at those sweet moments where he swept us all off feet with his love for Deepika.

He praised her while receiving the Best Actor award for his performance in the film and said, “I was very moved by that performance. Leela to Ram, Mastani to Bajirao. I want to know which is next. Girl, you are so fine and by fine I mean a fine performer. What an actor!”

“Nothing makes me happier than you, Deepika. Nothing makes me happier than receiving this award with you.”, he added.


He just doesn't miss a chance to thank her! ?


He doesn't give a damn about people and blows kisses for her shamelessly (Glad to know such men still exist! ) ?

[video width="370" height="256" mp4="http://blog.voylla.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/anigif_enhanced-1484-1455006386-2.mp4"][/video]

In her absence, he makes a video call to involve her in every step! (AWWW!). He received performance of the year award for Deepika and FaceTimed with her so she could thank everybody.

1111 BTW, he also supports her every step publicly! When Deepika had a spat with Times of India

ranveer singhAlso, is proud, supportive and cherish her success and promotes her movies. ?


He lets her chop off his priced moustache and gives the cutest expression!


Well,they're each other's best friend ? ?


Way to go, Ranveer Singh! You've set high standards for us. ❤

Set relationship goals like this couple and don't forget to make her feel precious with stunning jewelry! ? #HappyShopping!

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