The Art Of Stacking Bracelets

A Lady’s wrist can tell you her style mantra in a split second. A wrist dripped in studded bangles and fringed wristlets would belong to someone who likes to live on the edge like a rebel, while an arm which is elegantly decked with a sleek watch and a thin crystal band is for someone who prefers to keep things simple. A girl with some coloured bracelet party on her arm likes to keep things playful and chirpy. No matter what your wrist wear says about you, putting it all together isn't exactly a child’s play. The stacked bracelets trend cannot be taken casually with just randomly piling up the bracelets you see in front of you; it’s more like  an art, which one needs to master before getting it correct. So here are some tips and guidelines how to rock this trend whatever your style is. arm party 3 Always keep these things in mind while picking up different bracelets for a stacked look. Colour: Try to create a harmonious look with one basic colour story; a little bit variation on the same colour line is also a good idea to work on. Add in a hint of metallic touch to save you from creating a boring look. Otherwise, you could also go for a mix of a lot of pop colours to create a fun look. Texture / Material: Experiment with different kind of textures & materials when it comes to stacking the wrist bands. Mix metal with cubic zirconia stones, studs with leather and plastics with beads, you can try it all but do not go overboard while mixing the textures and materials. Mingling more than 3 types of textures and materials is a big no no! Size: Now this is usually the tricky one for most of the people. Mixing a lot of sleek and thin bangles will not make up for an impressive set, whereas putting together lots of big bracelets will make you look like a big bangle stand. So, it is always best to keep a healthy mix of the thick and thin ones, a perfect ratio would be 1 thick bracelet or cuff with 2-3 thin bracelets. Some people like to stack their bracelets on both the wrists while some like to keep it to one hand, there is nothing wrong or right here, it’s about how confident and comfortable are you with the stacking. Here are some Bollywood celebs sporting the stacked bracelet trend. arm party 2 Our lovely Deepika has been nailing this trend every time, here are some of her pictures. arm party 1 You can always make this trend your bestie because this is one trend that can be customized as per your mood on any particular day. All you need to have is loads of arm candies with you. Flaunt What you’ve got ( and stack ‘em all up) Shuchi K Image Courtesy:  Pinterest
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