The Dramatic Kathakali Collection

Has it ever happened to you that you walk past a shop window and immediately turn back, bedazzled by a pair of exquisite earrings? Or you are browsing online, swiping your way past hundreds of jewelry when suddenly your fingers freeze, your eyes widen in sheer joy?

Stunning Kathakali Adbhuta Bracelet for Women Sedate Kathakali Vismaya Earrings Ornate Kathakali Mudra Ring

Ladies, may we present that 'aha' moment in shopping for imitation jewellery online, our incredibly dramatic, Kathakali collection!

At Studio Voylla, we have always prided ourselves on seeking inspiration from the traditional art and crafts of our country. But nothing gives us more joy, than finding our rhythm in the dance forms of our country. We worked with the Bhawai dance form earlier, and now we take the vibrant, dramatic and elaborate form of Kathakali to hear – in a dazzling collection of temple and dance inspired jewelry.

Take the Vismaya Earrings for instance. Evoking a sense of wonder, this pair of statuesque temple-style jhumkas are inspired by the masks and headgear of the dance form. Wear them with your kanjeevarams or any rich silk, a strand of fresh seasonal flowers in your hair and you are a picture of elegance.

Flower Shaped Kathakali Mudra Earrings Delicate Kathakali Rati Earrings Charming Kathakali Pacha Earrings for Women

Similarly, the Kathakali Mudra Ring, will remind you of the intricate hand formations or mudras of the dancers, and is the perfect accessory for your elegant fingers too.

Crafted out of the highest grade brass with a long-lasting skin friendly gold plating, The Kathakali collection has a 22-carat gold finish that can compete with the finest precious jewellery you can buy.

Be it for a festival or a wedding, the Kathakali collection – featuring bangles, statement rings, bold earrings – is the perfect highlight to your prized occasion wear. Go ahead, dazzle the world!

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