Because there is more to monsoon than just romance! ?

We know monsoon has already got you on-the-edge, with that house arrest clause you signed unknowingly as soon as the drizzle game arrived. The panic attack you get when you have just stepped out of your home for a walk after a blissful spa to your hair and suddenly nature decides to play with your patience. Been there, done that! But don’t worry, we give you quick nits and bits to look on the other side of the coin and feel good about monsoon! ? Make sure you are indoors while reading this, it may rain anytime.. :P

1. Amendments in your style strategy!  ?


Ever wondered how much an umbrella can change your personality? Its time you get out of your cocoon and get under the umbrella. This versatile prop would not only save you from the sudden pitter patter but also bring a pop to your look.

2. Time to put on the reading glasses *Heart-eyes*

Girl reading book Hey you bibliophile, you can get the inkling right? It’s an euphoric moment to hop in the bed, beside a window, book in a hand and mug of coffee in another with the humdrum of rain on the glass! The thought itself is more luring than going on a date with your loved one There’s no prefect time than monsoon to catch up on the book you’ve been waiting to read. ? 3. Binge on some samosas!


With the petrichor emanating from the world outside, nothing can stop the taste buds suddenly waking up to life! ?? Yes, it’s food time. How about hot lip smacking samosas with a tinge of chutney?  Or even better, put the pan, stash in some potatoes and onions and yumm.. some delicious pakoras are on the way to satiate the cravings of your stomach! We’re not exaggerating, they are delicious.  *Drool*

4. Sweat it off indoors

board games We get it that you can’t go outside and enjoy the world waiting for you out there but you can always keep yourself busy at home. Indulge in some board games, origami or even quilling. You can also pull out the canvas and spill colors of your imagination or jive to the beat of your favorite song. Wait! How about getting at par with your TV series you’ve not been able to watch since ages. Now we’re talking. ?

5. Simply Hibernate ?


Hey, it’s fine if you can’t find anything to do but sit and sulk at home. You can always do the one thing you’re matchless at. S-L-E-E-P . Yay! Isn’t it exciting to do a somersault in your bed and pull a sheet over your head and doze off. A heartful siesta is sometimes all we need. The global solution to every problem in the world. So wohoo..Sleep it off you!

And wait, if that also doesn’t fit in your to-do list, grab your card and do some random shopping online. It’s the End-Of-Season-Sale Month. Stack up your wardrobe. After all one needs one in monsoon.??

Happy Monsoon and Happy Shopping! ☺

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