Things Only Your BFF Understands

Boyfriends come and go but friends are here to stay forever. The term BFF- Best Friends Forever exists for a reason! No matter how many friends you make, you'll always have that one friend who'll stand by you forever. Of course you'll have many good friends- few to hang out with, few to share filtered feelings with but with your BFF, there's no filter, there's no barrier. Silly endless talks, hungry stay over hack, goofy plans and so much more! This pillar of life is all you need to sail through all problems in your life. This friendship day celebrate the unbreakable bond with your BFF and be grateful to have found your SOUL mate. Okay! Let's get this clear, only our BFF can understand these things and no other human ever existed!

1. Mood Swings

8:00 PM- OMG! I had the best day ever! We should totally celebrate this. Let's order some pizza? 8:05 PM- I don't understand what's that lady's problem? Only if I had a knife with me right now, the world would have witnessed the biggest murder mystery of all times. This oscillation between your moods can only be understood by your best friend.

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2. Nicknames And Code Words

"Babe, remember how that potato head snapped the other day?" The language only you two understand. Only meant to be shared between you two, these code words are so useful to talk in front of the bunch of rumour spreading butterflies.

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3.Family Issues

Been there, experienced it together. She doesn't judge your family for the drama just witnessed rather cheers you up taking up a joke from the scenario.

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4.Inside Jokes

When the people around you just do not get it what made you both laugh so hard! Probably silly for people as they know only half of it. You both have your secret Santa-Bantas that tickles your funny bones just right.

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5. Break Up Therapy

No amount of alcohol or melancholic songs can help you get over a break up like a long conversation with your best friend (the hug, of course!). You know she won't let you be alone ever.

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6. The Creep Crush Scanner

You are wooed by a guy's cheesy flirtatious lines and actions but your best friend can completely see through his intentions. She'll warn you and try her best to save you from the trap.

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7. Jealousy

You just have one BFF! Get that straight. You're not allowed to be with anybody else. Got it? Upload a picture with a "good friend" and she'll totally lose it with the feeling of being "cheated".

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8.Your Shopping Craze

You shop for each other, shop for yourselves, for each other's families and boyfriends and for... basically you shop! Sounds familiar? Online shopping or at the stores but has to be together. It's like yoga for you both. Keeps you healthy! *wink*

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9. Your Endless Drama

Same endless drama over and over again! Same story repeated twice a day but hey! she'll stick through <3

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Girl power is the new power couple. Embrace this relationship and have a fun #friendshipday.

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