Think Jewelry, Think Voylla

2013 is when it all began!

What started off as an e-commerce experiment, has grown to become one of the most popular imitation jewelry brands in India. Think jewelry, think Voylla. Think amazing craftsmanship, think Voylla again!

Birthdays, anniversaries, dates and so many more! The list is endless when it comes to jotting down the special days in our customers' lives. Regardless of what or where they may celebrate, buying something from Voylla has always played a pivotal part in the merrymaking.

What makes Voylla jewelry so spark-tacular?


A painful skin rash is perhaps the biggest disaster when it comes to buying jewelry. Voylla jewelry, which has been allergy-tested, makes sure your skin breathes easy, while you dazzle in all that bling.

Exclusive Designs

“I’ve seen that before” is something you wouldn’t say, while browsing for your favorite trinkets on Voylla’s website. Our designs are one of a kind in every way, and imbibe different perceptions of the Indian culture and heritage.


Conceptualised and created by a team of exceptional designers, Voylla features jewelry pieces that are the perfect pick for those who have inherent style, and don’t follow fashion trends for the sake of it.

Retail Presence

250+ stores and going strong! From our flagship store in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden, to shop-in-shops in Pune and Bangalore - Voylla has been spreading its sparkling footprint far and wide.

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