This Onam Glam Up With The Six Yard!

If you are a Keralaite, you know  Onam is incomplete without Onakkodi and if you’re not, let us tell you it’s a ritual of buying new clothes for the festival. While the men wear mundu (white dhoti with a golden border), the women are seen donning classic white saris with golden border. Although, almost every state in India has its own way of draping the 6 yard (or sometimes 9 yard!) saris but the most common style is to wear it draped around your waist baring the midriff while the lose end of the drape is on the left shoulder to cover the chest. We bring you the type of six yards you can style this Onam.


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Kerala is not only famous for its picturesque locations or its versatile cuisines but also about its traditional attires. Set mundu or Mundum neriyathum is one of the attires worn by Kerala women, especially during festivals like Onam. It is basically a set of two rectangular cotton cloths which are white or cream in color with the same golden border on both the separates. These two separate pieces are called mundu and depending on the length, are worn as the lower garment and other is wrapped around the waist and the upper body and is left hanging from the shoulder. This is why at one glance, the ensemble looks like a sari. Now the trends are changing and people are opting for a Kasavu sari over a mundu set. Women are getting more experimental and the golden border is also being replaced with designer borders. Ante up your style with a coin necklace, bangles and of course, gajra!


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Kasavu Saris look great but how about Banarasi saris this Onam? Made up of woven silk, these are one of the finest saris in the country known for their gold or silver brocade or Zari border. Complete your look with Pookalam inspired golden jewelry set.

(BTW, it almost takes 15 days to 3 months to make a Banarasi Sari!)


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One of most ancient weaving patterns, Chanderi Saris is made from three kinds of fabric namely pure silk, silk cotton and Chanderi cotton. It is a work of silk woven on handloom and is made at Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. Now you know where the name came from! Glam up with stunning jewelry and especially, nose pin to add charm to your #Onam attire.


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One of the most expensive silk saris in India is weaved in a small town in Tamil Nadu called Kanchipuram. Kanjivaram saris have been dominant not only in the South but also have ruled Bollywood. The stiffness of these saris instantly add sophistication to the wearer and one can often spot actresses like Rekha and Vidya Balan in these Kanjivaram, saris at the award functions.

Go the traditional way by adding up a style quotient with gold temple jewelry.

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Which sari are you gonna glam up this Onam? Tell us in the comments below!

#HappyOnam! <3 

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