Significance of Makar Sankranti

Think of til ka ladoos and gud (jaggery).. Think of people yelling ‘Kai-po-che’ and ‘lapet lapet’ with fervor and enthusiasm.. Think of myriad kites flying in the sky.. Yes! Makar Sankranti is here!  A festival of harvest. A festival of movement. 

Why Do We Celebrate Makar Sankranti

Makar means Tropic of Capricorn and Sankranti means movement. This day marks the transition of the Sun into the Makara Rashi (Capricorn). It also signifies the arrival of Spring in India. This festival is celebrated by different names in different cities such as Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Bihu in Assam, Maghi in Punjab and Sankranti in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. (BTW, it is largely celebrated in Gujarat and Jaipur). It is a day to forget past tiffs and start afresh. If mythology is to be believed, it is said that Lord Sun went to meet his son, Lord Shani on this day to resolve their past issues. We bring you three things to do this Sankranti. Let’s take a look!


Start your day by reciting Gayatri Mantra and worshipping the Sun God by offering water. Listen to Bollywood music while you are on the terrace flying kites and binging into snacks. Good music always keeps the spirit up and it’s refreshing for those who are not flying kites. In the evening, you can invest your time in donating. But a question arise in your mind what to donate on makar sankranti? You don’t just have to donate clothes. You can also donate til, jaggery, aata, ghee, pulses, etc to the poor and needy. Giving is always a good idea! Try using soft cotton threads instead of nylon threads. Do not fly kites near the birds' nests. If you see an injured bird,take it to the nearest animal welfare center.


People cook rice with jaggery and khichdi for lunch. They indulge into snacks such as Pheeni, til-patti, gajak, kheer, ghevar, pakodi and til ka laddoo the whole day while flying kites on the terrace.


It’s festival time! So how can you forget to dress up for the occasion! The best part about being a lady is that you can experiment your look by choosing from a wide range of clothes. Whether you are sporting a traditional sari or a kurta, palazzos or western, make sure to select vibrant colors like fuschia, tangerine. Add a piece of fashion jewelry to complete the look. If you are flying kites on the terrace, be careful in selecting your attire. Do not wear anything loose so that it doesn’t entangle in your feet. For men, they can wear a bright color kurta coupled with plain pajama/jeans or a cool t-shirt teamed up with denim. Men can wear bracelets and mojaris to complete the look.
Enjoy the festival of kites and remember, “Kites rise highest against the wind and not with the wind". When circumstances are against, we tend to lose hope. This is when we should get inspired by these kites. The greater the challenges, the harder we try to overcome them. Without obstacles, one would not be motivated to rise. Happy Makar Sankranti, folks! Soar high like the sky and reach greater heights!  Tons of luck and good wishes to all of you!   
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