Times When Twinkle Khanna Gave Savage Reply To Trolls!

In a world full of glitz, glamour and hypocrisy comes a ray of hope in the form of honesty, wit and humor from mrsfunnybones! The one celebrity who failed terribly as an actor is now doing exceptionally well in her 2nd innings as a leading newspaper's columnist. She takes a dig at latest happenings and gives her best advice and response with hard-hitting sarcasm and humor.

She is also best at giving befitting replies to the trolls. Don't trust us? Check it out here:

1. 'Cause she doesn't entertain false news with silence

2. When she savagely shut down bhai-lovers! 3. When she imparted real meaning of marriage  

Twinkle Khanna is downright the funniest woman writer in the nation and she has also won an award for it! More power to you Tina!

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