Summer is the most loved season of the year. Not only you get a long vacation ( of course that is the first reason why we love summer! ) but also you get a chance to flaunt your style. It’s this time of the year where you will be able to try out many new dresses and add them to your wardrobe.  So let us look at the 11 top outfits for summer that you should definitely try out. 1. Shorts Outfits: This outfit is the most popular of all time. Pair up your shorts with a cute t-shirt or any floral kind of shirt. Wear sneakers to add a cool look to this combination. You can also wear stilettos and sandals. This is the best look while you are traveling somewhere. 2. Denim: wear your favorite vintage t-shirt with your favorite denim. Complete this look by wearing sneakers and get that fresh look.   3. Floral Dresses: this is the most loved outfit for summer lovers. Floral dresses give you an edgy as well as a fresh look. It is ideal for traveling as well. If you are going out on a beach, complete your style by wearing a straw hat and cool glasses. Wear sandals of your choice.  4. Crop Tops: flaunt your crop tops with ripped jeans and get a cool look. You can pair your crop tops with shorts as well. 5. Skirts: you can also wear your t-shirt with beautiful skirts.    6. Trousers: loose trousers are in high demand nowadays. So wear your comfy trousers with a beautiful shirt or a crop top. Wear accessories like a simple bracelet. Complete your look with a pair of shoes.   7. Check Patterned Dresses: to get a simple yet formal look, wear a check-patterned dress. 8. Suit: you can also wear a suit in the summer. Choose a light-colored suit and get that formal look   9. Puffed Sleeves: this is one of the quirkiest yet simple styles for the summer. Try dresses with puffed sleeves. Choose simple and light tines like white and yellow. Pair this up with your favorite denim, or shorts. Complete this style by wearing a pair of cool white sneakers.   10. Wide-Legged Jeans: this summer you can try wearing your favorite crop tops with wide-legged jeans. Wear a matching and light cardigan as well.   11. Off-Shoulder Dress: sometimes people don’t like sleeveless. So instead you can try the famous off-shoulder dress to get a similar kind of look. You can pair these off-shoulder dresses with your boots. This is one of the ideal outfits for dates as well. Some extra suggestions: Choose light-toned dresses during summer. Maxis and floral gowns are better than regular denim and trousers. Sandals are the best option for high heels. Own a pair of white sneakers because they can be easily paired up with any outfit. Despite being so simple, white sneakers never go out of style.
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