Valentine Week 2021: All You Need to Know About Valentine's Day

Here is everything you need to know about the Valentine Week 2021, & Obviously it will include Valentine Day Too, why it is celebrated and its significance? As we know, people celebrate festivals in India with enthusiasm, whether it's Holi, Diwali, or Christmas, etc. A festival has a history and significance of its own. Similarly, around the world, Valentine's Week is still celebrated and has its own tradition behind it. Valentine's Day is an annual celebration of true passion, fellowship and appreciation. People commemorate this day every year between 7th February to 14th February by sending messages of love and devotion to partners, relatives and friends. In this article you will get all details of Valentine's week starts from Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, & Last most Special One Valentine Day. Also, Let me Help you Out to Give Best Suggestion of Gifts to Impress Your Love. We all enjoy Valentine's Week with our loved ones, but have you ever thought about why it came about and what was the history behind it? Oh, no! Ok, we're going to walk you around the significance of Valentine's week today.

A brief history behind Valentine week celebration - Valentine Day 2021:

Valentine-day-history-celebrationValentine's Day is named after a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century, Saint Valentine. There are many St. Valentine's tales, and these stories have developed into the legend we know today over time. It wasn't until more than 200 years later that St Valentine's Day was declared on February 14. Rome had been Christian by this time, and the Catholic Church was eager to root out all residual paganism. In February each year, a pagan fertility rite was performed and the Pope abolished this festival and instituted Saint Valentine's Day on 14 February, thus creating this feast day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.

How is Valentine’s day celebrated today?

valentine-day-celebrationAlthough Valentine's Day is celebrated in most countries, this festival has created its own rituals with various cultures. Valentine's Day is celebrated in some parts of the world as a day to share affection between family members and friends, rather than between romantic couples. Some rituals include leaving children with lollies and presents and some involve acts of affection for peers. Romantic love Couple is most frequently associated with Valentine's Day, with millions of cards for Valentine's Day being exchanged each year. With loving letters to loved ones, or Gifts of roses or something interesting that can surprise your love are sent and couples enjoy special time together. Most couples want to have brunch, a picnic or a special home-cooked meal to celebrate Valentine's Day. Another common tradition on Valentine's Day is to relax in a beautiful location in a luxurious hotel stay, allowing a couple to get away from it all and spend some quality time together. On Valentine's Day, marriage proposals are often common, and it is also selected as the ideal day to share their love and devotion. Any marriage proposals, such as after hiking to the top of a mountain or putting a sign on a billboard, are delivered very creatively. Marriage proposals made on Valentine's Day are usually sweet and unforgettable, whatever the process.

Valentine Week 2021 - 7th February to 14th Week:

Love is a lifetime of promises. And well, Valentine’s Day is a small contribution to keep your love alive beyond seasons & give a special glimpse. Get ready to welcome the 7 days of Valentine week with your loved ones, starting from 7th February.
Valentine's Day
Brief - Valentine Week 2021
7th February Rose Day On this day, people exchange roses of different colours with their special ones. So, give a beautiful one to your partner as a Rose Day gift
8th February Propose Day Confess your feelings and make the day memorable with a special gift
9th February Chocolate Day For this occasion, Valentine’s Chocolates Hamper for your partner is a perfect idea.
10th February Teddy Day Pick the fluffiest bear as a Teddy Day gift for the one you love
11th February Promise Day Promise each other a life full of love, affection, and gifts
12th February Hug Day Hug it all out to welcome the day with warm embraces
13th February Kiss Day Seal the bond with your partner with a romantic kiss and give them an adorable Kiss Day gift worth remembering!
14th February Valentine’s Day At Last, Cherish the most romantic day of love with chocolates, flowers, and truckloads of Valentine’s gifts.
For this occasion, Valentine’s chocolates Hamper for your partner is a perfect idea. February brings joy to the hearts of couples and lots of hope all around. Valentine's Month is here! Couples from every corner of the globe are patiently waiting for Valentine's week to happen so that they can truly immerse themselves in the love madness and share as much optimistic and romantic vibes as they can in the world. During this month, the world will celebrate Valentine's Week from the 7th to the 14th, beginning with Rose Day. There is a particular meaning to each day. These eight days are just an excuse to make any moment with each other memorable. So, if you want to know the list of days before Valentine's Day, you've landed on the right page.

7th February 2021 – Rose Day

Rose-day-valentine-week-coupleWith the lovely happy rose day, the ever-romantic and calming Valentine's week begins. Since red roses symbolize intense and unflinching affection and are also known as the colour of God, lovers from all over the world send each other extremely romantic and fresh red roses to share their sense of love directly. The biggest reason why boyfriends and girlfriends send each other red roses is that the aromatic and mesmerising scent of red roses suddenly turns the most horrible mood into a jolly one. So, even though your crush is in an upset or off mood, it will be changed quickly by red roses and the likelihood of your proposal being accepted becomes way too high.

8th February 2021 – Propose Day

Propose-day-valentine-week-2021The next coveted occasion in our 2021 Valentine's week list is the day of the proposal. While on each of the days of Valentine's week, you can say your crush, the suggested day has its meaning. The propose day is the second day of Valentine week 2021. You have all the world's rights on this day to approach your crush and tell him/her your deepest and truest feelings of affection. On the propose day, the chances of getting your proposal approved remain very high, so make sure your proposal stands apart from the pack. Even send him or her a beautiful greeting card along with your proposal, enclosing heart-melting propose day quotations and messages.

9th February 2021 – Chocolate Day

Chocolate-day-valentine's-weekYummilicious chocolate day arrives just after the propose day. Ok, this day is all about sharing as much affection and pleasure as you can by presenting your crush, girlfriend, friends, family members, and neighbours with delicious sweets. You may gift imported chocolates in assorted forms, flavours, and colours to your husband, partner, girlfriend, or wife. The key goal of celebrating the chocolate day is to let your lover know how sweet a guy he/she is. Mind to show the chocolate in an ingenious fashion. To amplify the speciality of your present, buy a decked-out basket, insert some chocolates in it along with some important presents, and tie it up with ribbons. Suggestion For Chocolate Gifts: You Can Gift Personalized Valentine's Day Cadbury Chocolate Hamper to Your Lovable One. Cadbury Special Quotes: Roses are red. Violets are blue. Cadbury’s Valentine’s chocolates are here for you!

10th February 2021 – Teddy Day

happy-teddy-day-valentines-weekJust girls know why and how much they enjoy seeing a teddy bear in their bed that is sweet and mushy. Teddies are definitely the most adorable presents to be offered to the girl of your dream. On the occasion of teddy day, giving a teddy bear is all about having your girl recall sweet childhood memories of parents cuddling and canoodling. Another factor why most girls are madly in love with a teddy bear is that embracing and groping a mushy and fluffy teddy bear gives them a warm and calming feeling during the tumultuous period, as well as the feeling of belonging to someone. Buy teddy bears in mini, medium and big sizes and give them all to your girlfriend.

11th February 2021 – Promise Day

happy-promise-day-valentines-weekWe all know very well that promises are pretty simple to make but difficult to maintain. The auspicious occasion of Promise Day is all about showcasing all the promises you've made to your lover and you're going to keep in the future. Lucidly keeping promises means how much you care for the relationship and your partner as well. Create sweet promises to your partner on Promise Day and do all you can to fulfil them. Also, give her/him photos of heart-wrenching promise day quotes and other presents.

12th February 2021 – Hug Day

happy-hug-dayA warm and sincere hug from the one you love will take away all the tension from your mind, no matter how stressed you are. During valentine, hug day is the time for your girlfriend, friends, family members, to send and take endless cosy hug to let them know how lucky you are to have them in your life. So, when the hug day comes, go ahead and flippantly give your close and dear one countless hug and make their day brighter.

13th February 2021 – Kiss Day

happy-kiss-day-valentineIn our Valentine's week list 2021, Kiss Day is the most romantic occasion. A kiss is a pure and sweet way, together with giving an embrace, to let someone realise your degree of love and put a big smile on their faces. There are countless ways to express your lover's affection, but a long and intense kiss on the lips is the perfect way to express love. A kiss can be taken from your lover in multiple forms. You will either have a kiss sneakily, get a public kiss, kiss lovemaking, and kiss out of the blue. A token of concern and love is a kiss on the forehand. A loving kiss is a symbol of mutual affection.

14th February 2021 – Valentine’s Day - Valentine week 2021

Happy-valentine-day-2021The most awaited, Day of Valentine week - Valentine's Day, is the last occasion of Valentine's week 2021 lists. Celebrated every year on February 14th, Valentine's Day is the epic culmination of all of your efforts, passion, and devotion during the week of Valentine's Day. Young lovers make intricate preparations for this day to be celebrated well in advance. Many without partners are desperately finding dates with a view to romantically celebrating Valentine's Day. Shops selling cards, flowers and other love presents are adorned with romance symbols-hearts, roses and cupids. With enticing schemes and vivid shows of eye-catching jewels, Jewelry strives to draw lovers. In parks and restaurants, couples holding hands and enjoying this day is a regular sight. Many hotels and discotheques often hold exclusive Valentine's Day celebrations. Any individuals often chose to go to romantic getaways to privately spend this day with their loved ones. Happy Valentine Day 2021. Gifts for Her: Impress Your Queen With this Great Collection of Jewellery (Special Love Collection Jewellery) Gifts for Him: Impress Your Queen With this Great Collection of Jewellery (Special Men's Collection Jewellery) Best Personalised Chocolate Gifts: Select Best Cadbury Valentine Personalised Chocolate Gift for the Chocolate Day. Best Personalised Romantic Gifts - Go through this Interesting Collection of Personalized Romantic Gifts that will make your love Surprise. That's all whole thing about the Valentine Week 2021, Hope You gonna enjoy this Weekend with your loveable one, partner, or friends. Don't Forget To Share your feedback in comment How much you enjoyed this Valentine's Week Article.
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