Voylla Co-founder Jagrati shringi wins women empowerement award : zee marudhara

Jagrati Shringi was awarded a women empowerment award from honourable minister Kiran Maheshwari, honourable minister Anita Badel and princess Diya kumari . She has experience in leading software groups in a tech router company and is currently leading technology and marketing in a fast growing startup company Voylla Fashions Pvt Ltd. Her inspiration comes from spotting people in Voylla jewellery and the pride that shows up on her sons’ face when she discusses work with them. A mother , a wife and a successful entrepreneur , no wonder they say that a woman has ten hands ! When asked about the challenges she faces as a woman,, she smiles confidently and says “being a woman in a high tech startup conditioned me to push myself as much as I can to create a mark for myself”.We congratulate her for not just winning the women empowerment award but also for being the idol of millions out there ! Her Dream - “In Vogue ,at Voylla” , the mantra for every fashionista ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OYO9mh2Ch4&feature=youtu.be
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