Voylla Declares The Coolest Dad Of The Year-Rannvijay!

While mom is the one who takes care of you all day long, we just don't give enough credit to our fathers who equally teach us the important stuff in our life. He’s the one who holds you when you stumble through your first walk or when you take your first bike ride. He’s the one who takes you out on those hiking trips or convinces mom when she refused for that latest gadget you want.

With the advent of 2017, our favorite Roadies’ hunk, Rannvijay Singh Singha, was blessed with a princess. It has only been a few months and he’s already proving to be the coolest dad in town. Let's give  you 5 reasons why we have declared him as the COOLEST DAD OF THE YEAR. Tell us if you agree...

  1. Fatherhood: A PrideResize6

Do you know how Rannvijay introduces himself to the world? Well, not as Rannvijay! But as KAINAAT’S DAD! (Check his Instagram) He boasts of being the proud father of the little princess. This is definitely one cool way to acquaint yourself to the world.

  1. An AdventurerResize4

How cool it would be if you and your dad shared the mutual love for adventures and sports bikes! Well, that’s the case with the new daddy, Rannvijay Singh. His love for bikes is not hidden from us, but little did we know that he craves for adventures equally and believes in living life king size. The reason he participated in Roadies, years back, was to get his hands on the bike that was the winning prize. Currently, he owns eight bikes and prefers to ride on a bike to the shoot locations.

  1. Role ModelResize3

Kainaat, is one lucky princess to be the daughter of someone who is an inspiration to thousands of people around the world. If that was not enough, Rannvijay strongly believes that one should follow their dreams and give in everything that it takes for their passion. His fathers and forefathers, the last six generations of his family, were directly related to the Indian Army. He broke the chain and decided to pursue what he loves to do.

  1. Twinning With Sneakers Resize2Resize2

Rannvijay proved the world again that he’s the coolest new daddy and there is no competing with him. On his birthday, he got customized pairs of sneakers for himself and baby Singha, and couldn’t wait for twinning around town with her. You know you’re a cool dad when you get gifts for your baby girl on your birthday!

  1. As Cool As IceResize1

We know Rannvijay as the authoritative and intimidating one, the way we have seen him in his reality shows. But our hot hunk claims to be a pretty chilled out and patient person. He doesn’t get angry at all and keep cracking jokes with people around him.

Since years Rannvijay has swayed us with his killer looks, impeccable acting skills and by performing tasks that looked insurmountable. We cannot wait for him to give this generation some cool parenting skills. Way to go, newest coolest daddy! <3

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