Voylla Women Brigade

With so much mess going around, Woman's Day morning will bring the rays of hope and  breeze happiness to each and every soul. International Woman's Day was first witnessed in late  February 28, 1909, in New York in remembrance of the 1908 strike of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union. A day dedicated to women! Amidst the all dirty scenarios the sunshine will surely wash up the white and will allow its radiance to shine. So this woman's day Voylla shares the beauty of womanhood. Voylla Woman, shares her uniqueness, her smile that radiates happiness and her strength that competes through all the odds. Meet the Voylla Brigade!
  • Jagrati Shringi Co-Founder, CTO & Marketing Head
She secretly posses a magical wand, yes she does! She has this magical spell that she spreads every where she goes. Co-founder, CTO and Marketing Head, Jagrati Shringi has been playing these roles with such ease, this is not it, she is blessed with two little cuties who keeps her on toes. She has been balancing a full-fledged house with in-laws and kids, three departments in her office, her fitness regime like a pro. Jagrati
  •  Aakhya Gupta, Customer Service Executive
She believes in dealing things with a smile :) And that's the mantra that keeps her going. Independent, working and single she is associated with Voylla since its beginning days! Aastha
  • Pramila Tailor, Operations Associate
Pramila too has been associated with Voylla since it's beggingin days. She has been looking into the Operations department and is a vital link in the department. This girl is an inspiration and an inspiration to others. She believes in working hard, because hard work pays! Pormi  
  • Manju Chaudhary - Merchandise Executive
  •  Rupal Jain-  Service Account Manager
  • Shruti Sharma- SEO Manager
  Shruti S
  • Konica Chopra - Marketing Manager
  •  Sanskriti Saxena- Graphic Designer
  • Niki Parmar- Photo Editor
  • Vasundhara- Photographer
  • Anshu- Photo Editor
Anshu     Stay tuned for more information on the Voylla Women Brigade!
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