Why was Voylla’s Bloggers' Meet a huge success!

We were excited to announce our new Folklore Collection launch at our physical stores across the country and therefore, we called all the high-end fashion influencers and bloggers to Voylla’s flagship store in Delhi!

And before you watch the video, let’s take a look at the highlights of the fun event held at our Rajouri store!

Launch of Folklore Collection                                                                                                            114

Our designer talked about the latest, trendiest Folklore Collection and how Voyllas’ designers paid a tribute to the culture and lifestyle of the Rajasthani folk dancers. Needless to say, the fashion bloggers were impressed with the intricate designs and exclusive craftsmanship of the choker necklaces and hand-harnesses. The question and answer round went on for good twenty minutes and the fashion bloggers couldn’t help but go gaga over the collection. And then…

How do you stop girls to shop? Well, we NEVER intend to! ;)

Happiness is. . . SHOPPING! ☺️  


The bloggers were already so impressed with the collection that they started trying on the jewelry right after the launch session. Happiness is contagious and we were more than happy to see them trying on the jewelry. And of course, clicking selfies!

All is fair in love & war… and Jewelry Design Competition! ;)                                                115

Yes, you read that right! We organized a jewelry design competition for these bloggers. The aim was obviously not to see the best talent but Oh boy! they surprised us and how! Each one of them came up with avant-garde ideas that actually blew our mind. Guess what? We are actually thinking to launch a new line to dedicate to these bloggers.

No Work and Only Play                                                                                                                         111 (1)

We promised them an evening full of fun and excitement and seeing their share of Blogs, Tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram pictures, we think we lived up to their expectations! :D They had fun getting photographed with cool props like Swag-Gang, Girls just wanna have fun and more!

Voylla would like to thank these bloggers for taking out their time and making this launch a huge success! ❤️❤️

Check out the video to know more…


#HappyShopping! ☺️


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