Voylla's Inside Story - Bosses Talk About Their Siblings

Brothers and sisters share an eternal bond of love, trust and affection! They fight as if it's the third world war, they conspire to get those sweet delicacies hidden from them, laugh with all innocence! They are best friends nature blessed us with, and  they have stood by us in every thick and thin, be it standing against us! So this Rakhshabandhan Voylla shares an inside story of our Bosses! vishwas Vishwas Shringi, CEO The Wise Elder, brother of two little sisters! A big brother carries a father image to his younger siblings, he is responsible for creating a lead in front of the younger ones, he has to guide them, support them, act as their mentor, protect them and be possessive about them! Mix them in all equivalent proportions and that's how is this elder brother, possessive about his kid sisters and have pampered them to the most. With time their relationship has grown from being a elder brother to being friends, and that how the brother-sister relationship goes, right? So when asked about some old Rakshabandhan memories- He smiles and goes back in time! "It was never a festivity at home, it used to be a lavish outdoor activity always, we used to go on picnic. each Rakshabandhan, the whole extended family with all cousins. IMG_2427 Memories- "I was the one to gift my sisters a pair of jeans, so belonging to a very conservative family, I had a hard time fighting with my father to make them wear jeans" " I taught my sisters, how to ride bike", he gleefully adds how he used to allow her sister to ride while he used to sit behind her. "I was very protective and possessive about them, so when i was leaving from my him, for further studies, I changed their schools. I did not wanted them to travel much to go to school, so i made them shift to a nearer school!" Over the year the bond has strengthened and grown strong, we are buddies now, my one sister is settled in US and the other one is in Kota. Rakhshabandhan now- "My sisters never ever forget to send me Rakhis, be where I'am , and i love to flaunt my 22 rakhis, yes i have 22 sisters (cousins). rohit Rohit Bansal, COO The Spoilt Brat, the youngest among all the siblings, he has 3 elder sisters and 1 elder brother, youngest and most pampered! He's been the youngest of all and being the younger one, he got all pampering from all his elder sisters. Down to earth and humble and a very practical person that's how he is! He is loved dearly by all her elder siblings, to his nephew and nieces he's looked up as an inspiration. His nephew and nieces are fond of him dearly and someday want to be like him! A perfect younger sibling! Memories to share- He's pampered and is looked after by his sisters, they look down on him as their kid brother! They pick him up from office when he's ill. jagrati Jagrati Shringi, CTO She is the eldest sibling in her family, she has one younger brother Pankaj and a little sister Priyanka. Jagrati_Bro   How is a brother-sister relation? Fights and fights and then that hidden affection that connects them and keeps their bond special and forever! So when asked about her fondest memory- "My brother used to store his money in old geometry box, 10 rs given as  goodbye gift from a relative, 2 rs left from running an errand. We were not particularly rich and he save 1000 Rs doing so , which was huge back in our time. He never took out a single rupee from that stash. The time came for me to leave house to join my first job, he could not have been happier , as he was to get my room there would have been nobody who fights with him. When My train started pacing , he handed me a gift, from all his saving, a walk man with a cassette of a movie that we watched together, which he could not stand, just so that i wont get bored when I stay alone. This walkman costed him all his saving, all Rs 1000!
I still have that walkman , but my borther is 1000s of miles away  "
Heart warming indeed? So, how are you guys celebrating this Rakshabandhan?
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