Wedding – An Incomplete Affair Without Jewelry

The initial thoughts that flash across with the name of jewelry are about ceremonies, events, functions, and happiness all around. Jewelry has been an exclusive part of Indian weddings since time immemorial. Though the patterns & designs might have seen many changes over the last so many years, the overall importance of jewelry as a part of wedding event is still unfazed. Similarly, there might be significant differences in the type of jewelry based on the community or religion, but no one can actually deny the importance of jewelry in Indian weddings.

There are multiple types of designs and ornaments that vary according to the communities. For instance, you will find Punjabi jewelry designs to be completely different from South Indian jewelry designs.

You can find very heavy jewelry pieces that are designed specifically to give a filling look to the bride whereas on the other hand there are designs which are not as heavy, yet elegant and stylish. Kundan & Polka jewelry is another type of jewelry that’s in trend these days when it comes to weddings. Temple jewelry is another form of jewelry which is a redesigned form of centuries-old styles.

Though the preferences for the type of jewelry might differ for every individual, one thing is for sure, that no bride would ever want to compromise on her wedding jewelry. But the irony here is that not all people are able to afford such expensive jewelry. That is why these days the imitation jewelry is getting popular. Especially for an event as big as the wedding, people rather prefer to go for imitation jewelry that would give them the desired looks at a very nominal cost.

With the traditional approach, the responsibility of checking the genuineness was completely on the middleman or the known people involved in the process, and it ensured that fake people stayed away from the process. But in case of Online Matrimonial Sites, maintaining the genuineness and authenticity of the profiles becomes all the more important.

Without proper measures and processes, it is quite difficult to keep the fake users at bay. But, sites like, have come up with various measures that can help prevent the registration of fake users on their platform. Linking of user profiles with Aadhaar Card at the time of registration is one important step that has been taken in this regard.

Another important aspect of imitation jewelry is the availability of multiple options to choose from and the possibility to buy such jewelry online has created a shift in the approach to wedding jewelry shopping. The way online matrimonial sites give you multiple options to choose from, as per your expectations & partner preferences, online jewelry shopping also gives you an added advantage of checking out multiple options & designs at your convenience in the comfort of your own surroundings.

But, irrespective of the way you have chosen your life-partner, be it through a middleman or relatives or family friend or online matrimony site or on your own, the very next thing that occupies your thoughts post-wedding finalization is the wedding shopping. And the most significant part of the entire shopping time & budget is undoubtedly occupied by shopping of wedding jewelry.

Be it the bride herself who would want to look the most gorgeous on her “The DAY”, clad in the most beautiful dress adorned with matching jewelry or the groom’s side who would want to gift the best jewelry pieces to their would be daughter-in-law, both the parties involved have their own reasons and excitement while buying the jewelry. No one would ever want to compromise on the jewelry.

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