What is Sterling Silver ?

We hear and see the term “sterling silver” quite often, yet many of us do not understand what it really means. Does “sterling” mean “pure”? Does sterling silver jewelry come from a certain part of the world? Is sterling better or worse – or the same – as pure silver? And what does that stamp on the silver jewellery item mean when it says “925”? We all do have certain doubts or questions about sterling silver, but today the time has come to become wiser and smarter when it comes to sterling silver. “Sterling” silver by definition and international agreement is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. The “925” is simply a way of saying that the particular item sterling silver item has 92.5 % pure silver. Pure silver (99.9% pure) is generally too soft for producing functional objects, and when it is mixed with other metal it gives the strength whilst preserving the malleability of the silver - ideal for making silver jewellery. Also pure silver tends to oxidize over time that is it starts turning a bit blackish in colour, but this doesn’t happen when some other metal is mixed with it. Sterling silver will last a lot longer, and look a lot nicer down the road as compared to pure silver.A way to verify a genuine sterling silver item is the 925 stamps, which acts as a hallmark.

Sterling silver is becoming an increasingly popular option amidst jewellery lovers and enthusiasts, and the reasons are not difficult to see. It is affordable and proves to be a better working medium for jewellery artists, enabling them to come up with newer designs from time to time – designs that are appreciated by a wide consumer base. Also, 925 silver can be paired up easily with gemstones of different cuts, colors and sizes without any difficulty – an ability that even gold sometimes lacks. It is often found that silver can be matched easily with any attire and can be worn without qualms for any occasion, unlike gold ornaments which can be worn only for certain occasions.



Sterling silver can be used for making extremely intricate, complex and creative designs, which is another reason why one can find more interesting designs in silver instead of gold. Sterling Silver thus brings in a completely new genre of creative jewelry into picture, which is otherwise impossible to create with the aid of any other metal medium. Sterling silver jewellery is a true investment over fashion jewellery. When you buy sterling silver instead of fashion jewellery, it undoubtedly lasts longer. It is something you can enjoy for years and years to come.  It can be passed down to future generations and with proper care can always look beautiful. Sterling silver never seems to go out of style, so if you like to be in trend a few classic sterling silver items are a must for the classic touch. And because sterling silver is 92.5 % pure silver, therefore it would always have a good resale value over fashion jewellery. Now that you know what is the value of sterling silver. How‘bout making an investment and a statement at the same time?

Here are a few Sterling Silver Jewellery items by Voylla
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