“Yash Chopra Is Not My Dad Or Karan Johar Is Not My Brother.”, Says Aisha’s Director Rajshree.

rajshree-ojha-for-blogWhat happens when you meet a Bollywood Director and an intimidatingly gorgeous stylist? Anxious and nervous yet very very excited. That’s what happened to us when we caught up with film-maker Rajshree and stylist Ghazal recently and what followed was an interesting rendezvous!

Meet Rajshree Ojha who at a young age made the country proud by bagging an achievement award for her short film in New York and Ghazal Daing who once a Financial Controller in the US took a 360 degree to her career and followed her heart by opting for fashion.12

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From hit movie Aisha to Zee TV’s current show Bin Kuch Kahe, we noticed that the protagonists of both the shows are women. What do you have to say about this?

Rajshree: Well, I am a woman so naturally I relate better to women’s stories. All my inspiration comes from reading books and most of the time they are from literature. I’ve been an avid reader since childhood and Jane Austen’s stories have always moved me. Aisha was an outcome of her book Emma. I’ve taken her books and weaved my own stories out of them.

Technically, Bin Kuch Kahe is also from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. If I go for rom-com or as they say “drama” today, I think Jane Austen is the mother of it!

The main star cast is led by four women in your recent show. How did you style all the 4 characters of the same family so differently?

Ghazal: Each one of them had a unique personality and different age group which basically made me decide how I could dress them up. I think it’s the personality that gets your dressing. We meticulously decide the character’s look from head-to-toe, be it hair or attire or make-up; and we ensure to take care of the minutest details.  Lot of direction and support from the producer obviously helps.

Share a life-altering experience you have had so far.

Rajshree: Coming back to India was the biggest life-altering decision for me! Working for my first movie Chaurahen was exhilarating. Came to my chaurahen and never went back! *laughs*

Ghazal: I was a financial controller for years but the work didn’t get my creative juices flowing and despite earning quite decent, I quit my job to pave my own path in fashion and hence, joined F.I.T. to gain more insight in the field.

What is one wardrobe staple that you can’t live without?17

Ghazal: Can it be two? White shirt and jeans. It’s classic, simple and clean. You can dress it up and dress it down., wear a statement jewelry piece and you’re good to go! By the way, I already have 100 white shirts and can hit another century soon!

Rajshree: Couldn’t agree more! White shirt is definitely a must-have.

P.S.- Both of them were wearing white shirts in the interview!

Any role models?16

Rajshree: My mum! I hail from a family of entrepreneurs and you know Yash Chopra is not my dad or Karan Johar is not my brother. I knew nobody from the film industry but my mom always supported me and believed in my dreams. She held me together at times when the faith in me deterred. She is my motivation!  

Ghazal: Well, my mother for me as well! They don’t say “Mother India” for nothing! *chuckles* The way I see art, beauty, and aesthetics in general, everything is inspired by my mom. Absolutely, totally! And I am enamored by every other woman who is creative and stylish.

One piece of advice to Indian women.13

Rajshree: Follow your dreams and if you find your path, just walk on it. Don’t let anything deter you. Your heart will tell you what to do and be true to yourself. There is always sacrifice but that’s just a part of the process. Go for it!

Ghazal: Will take a step further. Follow your dream but don’t let ego get in the way! At the end of the day, you shouldn’t have regrets because you at least gave a shot at it!

With all the Women’s Day air around us, we finally asked what Women’s Day actually meant for these women. And the answer was straightforward..When we don’t talk about Men’s day, then why Women’s Day?  We are all equals and every day is a Women’s day!”, said Rajshree.

Well, something to ponder over!

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