13 Spring Trends For Men

Spring is the season of growth – for the man of all seasons; spring is the season of his signature style as well. It’s time to move forward in leaps and bounds. Leaving out the old, ringing in the new is the need of the hour. Here’s presenting 13 spring fashion trends for men.

1 Saintly gangster look

It’s a paradox – you can’t wear two robes – one of a saint and another of a rebel – but that’s what this fashion trend is about. It’s about wearing a semi-transparent white shirt that bares the chest for the bullets. Close the deal with striped tight-fit ankle length trousers.

spring fashion trends
Source : http://manlovesmanatees.tumblr.com/

2 When formal is informal

Combine a formal and informal look. Look taught yet someone who can play an electric guitar on stage. Wear an ivory white blazer with jeans and some white sneakers. Its looks like the guy from Stanford accidentally crossed-over to Hollywood. You are not just appealing but welcoming. Where’s your next fashion walk in town?

spring fashion trends
Source: Ebay

3 I am the vacation!

People go on vacation, people take vacation, but do they look as cool as a vacation? Become a metaphor for a vacation with a cool brown-shaded T-shirt and a pair of navy brown knee-length trousers. Don’t forget those sunglasses that taper at the sides. Wear matching sneakers. Don’t just get into the mood – become the mood.

spring fashion trends
Source: http://mensfashionworld.tumblr.com

4 Formally exclusive

Formals are a great dress code for important business meetings and official checkpoints. In such moments underline your presence by looking formally exclusive. Combine a green blazer with white-and-blue checked shirt and striped tie. Get some stubble, flare out the hair. Top it with a pair of corduroy trousers and semi-casual footwear. Ready to take the bull by the horns?

spring fashion trends
Source: http://mensfashionworld.tumblr.com

5 When life smiles on me ☺

On a sunny day, it’s time to carry swag. Look the coolest on a bright day with a cool looking overcoat and a monkey cap. Fit it over a  bright blue t-shirt and cool it off with some light textured trousers that fold-up at the ankles. The paved pavement could crack under the gravity of your style quotient.

spring fashion trends
Source: On point Fresh

6 The stylish sailor

The spring season is when the sun is milder, so it’s time to get into the yacht and cut through the seas. Look like the perfect stylish sailor with a full sleeve black-striped collared white t-shirt and flawless white pants. Get a nice hairdo that is as wavy as the white waves.

spring fashion trends
Source: http://mensfashionworld.tumblr.com

7 Groomed to perfection

Nothing can beat a perfect formal wear if worn with a difference. The modern era demands a different hue. It’s about combining beautiful colors to create a perfect formal statement. Something like a dark blue blazer, orange trousers, white flawless shirt and a sprightly stride. The perfect groom is now groomed to perfection.

spring fashion trends
Source: ZeusFactor

8 Scarf – face!

Wear a nicely crafted scarf like a bow-tie, but don’t make it look like one yet. Get a light blue full-sleeve shirt and drape a dark blue sleeveless blazer. A nicely embroidered thick belt adds muscle to the already muscular appearance. The scarf is not the highlight of the dress code – it’s the scarf-face!

spring fashion trends
Source: https://www.gentlemansgazette.com

9 I am yellower than before

A cowboy on weekdays and a florist on weekends? Show the subtle side with a floral pattern yellow-mix collage overcoat worn over a white t-shirt and with a colored patterned tie. Show some glitter with  glazed yellow trousers. You are yellower than before. You can ride the bull yet pluck the flowers with care.

spring fashion trends
Source: Enrico Coveri

10 Fusion mix – east meets west

Bring together a western and eastern appeal with a stylish grey kurta. Wear it over a white shirt and top it with light brown trousers. It’s an east meets west appeal that’s hard to miss. Look like a globalized citizen. This is a fusion wear that never goes out of vogue.

spring fashion trends
Source: Gaudi

11 The best man wins the wedding shoot!

You could be the best man at the wedding or grace any occasion with a quirky look that speaks volumes about an inter-planetary style appeal. Wear a regular shirt, overcoat and tie with some funky trousers. You are a cross between the normal and creative. Nobody can define you!

spring fashion trends
Source: Alfargo

12 As refined as leather

Nothing can beat a black dimmed leather with a rugged texture. Wear it atop a formal shirt and tie or just a white vest. Let the jacket define the contours of your frame. Look like the broad shouldered prince in a leather jacket with piercing eyes and a stiff jaw-line.

spring fashion trends
Source: Popsugar

13 Make the pullover a work of genius

It’s all about the attitude and positive inertia on the face. This spring, get a pullover with connected rectangular shapes. Wear it over a checked shirt and denim trousers. Look effortlessly gravitational!

spring fashion trends
Source: http://bestmenclothes.tumblr.com

Now that you’ve become a master, let us know which outfit is your favorite in the comments below. We would love to listen to your views!

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