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Buy Women's Traditional Nose Pins Online

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    Nose Pins: Golden Nose-Pin With Pearl Beads Adornment
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    Golden Nose-Pin With Pearl Beads Adornment
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Designer Traditional Nose Pins For Women Online

Just like maang tikas, anklets, and mangalsutras, nose-pins had and still have cultural significance. The nose stud is worn by married and unmarried woman alike. Also called ‘nath’, many believe that the wearing of nose studs had its origin in the Middle East. It supposedly came to the Indian subcontinent upon the arrival of the Mughals.

Apart from the aesthetics and beauty associated with these accessories, their therapeutic benefits have been mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures, such as the Sushruta Samhita. This is amongst the main reasons to buy traditional nose pins online. Thousands of people buy online traditional nose pins for their multifaceted benefits.

Wearing nose pins is believed to relieve menstrual pain of women during periods. The piercing in the nostril acts as a modulator of energy and balances the pain. Nose pins are commonly worn on the left nostril due to this fact. It is believed that the nerves in and around the left nostril are responsible for reproductive functions. So buy traditional nose pins online to experience all the benefits – start feeling those positive vibes.

Voylla’s nose pin designs are steeped in tradition as much as they are fused with modern forms. Unlike other stores that have nose pins for various face shapes, Voylla’s nose pins suit all face shapes. Whether it is a cool and funky nose pin, a trendsetting one, a symbolic nose pin or a glamorous one – choose any one without much thought because every nose pin is as good as the other. Not to forget the other supporting accessories as well – buy them all at Voylla – from necklaces, bangles, bracelets to pendants and maang tikas.

There are various nose pin designs that are trending with people. From the traditional nose pins category, mix and match different accessories to achieve that stunning look. Simple hoops look good on traditional outfits. Bali type nose pins suit ethnic fashion. Beaded bali is a more modern version. Studs are contemporary nose pins with versatile appeal. Floral studs are more elaborate and look good on casual or party wear. Buy designer traditional nose pins at waived prices.

Voylla’s traditional nose pins always have that festive look – this goes without saying for all other Voylla jewelry categories too. Whether it is a giant stone stud with multiple textures or a nose pin that has a cutting edge modernistic funky look- there is never a reason not to wear a nose pin.  Silver is a favored metal, therefore buy traditional silver nose pins online right away before stocks run out. Silver traditional nose pins online are popular with everyone.