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    Mens Cufflinks: Adorable Moustache Cufflink with Black Onyx
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    Adorable Moustache Cufflink with Black Onyx
    studio-voylla-com Mens Cufflinks
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    Mens Cufflinks: Rhodium Plated Cufflinks Made Of 925 Silver
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    Rhodium Plated Cufflinks Made Of 925 Silver
    Swivel Bar Mens Cufflinks

Designer Silver Cufflinks For Men Online

Often there is a lot of confusion as to why wear cufflinks. To simply put, they are alternatives to buttons. But being mere alternatives was a thing of the past. Depending on the design, they are the formal, semiformal or casual alternatives to otherwise boring buttons – which are a passing fashion fad. Silver men’s cufflinks from the house of Voylla are an exciting generation of cufflink accessories to redefine conventions.

At a basic, the function of cufflinks is to tie together closed shirt cuffs. The same function can be achieved with buttons. While buttons are sewn onto the shirt for this purpose, cufflinks are hinged or hooked at the same position. This aspect allows different cufflinks to be used for different types of outfits and occasions. Therefore, cufflinks are removable, and unlike buttons, are more elaborately designed and intended to enhance an outfit’s presentation.

Types of cufflinks

There are no set types of cufflinks because there are hundreds of variations. Basically they are hinged accessories although several other mechanical alternatives may be used. But the hinged variety is the most popular and durable. The most common type is the whale back which is characterized by a flat head and a tail that is ‘whale –like’. Being large, they are easy to use and the shape could have variations depending on the design and purpose of the cufflink.

Bullet backs are more or less similar to whale backs but the post is narrower and the hinging mechanism is through a metallic cylinder that has some free movement. Both bullet backs and whale backs can be used along with several other accessories such as bracelets, men’s long chains and earrings. It creates a bejeweled distinct appearance that will stay pungently appealing at all times. Chain links or links silver cufflinks are two heads connected by a chain. This type of cufflink is for semi-formal wear to create a loose fastening unlike a rigid fastening that is characteristic over very formal attire.

Ways to wear cufflinks

When wearing a formal suit and tie, identify the shirtfront that has holes for cufflinks. Generally plain white business shirts have French cuffs. They could come with single cuffs as opposed to having a buttonhole or button. If not, just head to the nearest tailor! Cufflinks along with silver tie pins for men can turn a sober shirt into an exciting one and an exciting shirt into an outstanding one. For the hipsters who like the mix-and-match fashion, Voylla’s cufflinks have the desired versatility to adorn all types of outfits. Not just restricted to the suit and tie ensemble, they can be worn on any shirt. Perfect fashion does not exist! It’s all about creating a fashion statement that is perfect for the individual with such splendid silver cufflinks for men from Voylla!