5 Must Have Religious Accessories

Remember what you wore on the last religious occasion? Remember how you accessorized it? No! Well, we’re not surprised. No one just stumbles across the right set of religious jewelry, especially since they’re so frigging hard to find. But no more, because here we have 5 religious accessories that will save you the headache.

786 Pendant


A religious get-together or a social function? Here’s something that will match the occasion perfectly. In case you take your ‘lucky number’ too seriously, this is all you need to keep your luck with you.

Sai Baba Pendant


A perfect mix of spirituality and style, here’s an edgy yet elegant pendant you can pair up with a casual look, while spicing things up the right way.

Trishul With Blue Gem


Cook up an enviable look without going overboard. Yes, this trishul pendant oozes grace and class all the way. Walking into a room will never be the same with this exquisite add-on.

Trishul With Rudraksh Studded Pendant 


Tripled with a rudraksh, a lingam and a trishul, this pendant is more than enough to celebrate the glory of your favorite deity in sheer resplendence. Don’t be surprised if you attract a few covetous gazes while sporting it.

Om Ring


If you like your blings, this radiating gold Om ring, studded with sparkly white stones, is your best bet. Team it up with your traditional wear any day and you’ll be dressed to kill.

So, now that we’ve been over these marvelous pieces of jewelry, it’s safe to say that you know how to get the look the next time a religious occasion challenges your wardrobe!

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