5 Stereotypical Clichés Men are Tired of Hearing

ClichésLet’s face it, sexism exists, not just for women but for men as well. Okay, we are men and have to be different from women for obvious anatomical reasons. But there must be a limit, right! No matter how low-key or subtle they sound, some stereotypical statements just get on your nerves every single time. Here are the most common ones.

Moochhe Mardon Ki Shaan Hai”

Let’s cut to the chase here. Being manly has nothing to do with a patch of facial hair. Granted a mustache macho-fies a man’s look, but shaming those without it?  Not cool! In other words, it’s just an ego-boost for those who don’t have much else to use to their advantage.

“Itna taiyar hoke kaha ja raha hai? Ladki hai kya!”

No man needs this kind of talk. And if you say such things, maybe it’s time you used that time machine of yours to go back to the prehistoric days where you belong. And to the men who like “taiyar hona”, the next time someone brings up this silly and annoying topic, throw some of these supercool accessories from Dare by Voylla at them and see them shut up.

“Be a MAAAAN!”

If we had a penny for each time we heard it! Enough said.

“Men are Dogs”

Hollywood, Bollywood or pop fiction, here’s a line that’s been overdone and overused for ages. But you know what! Dogs are cute, loyal and fun; so, go ahead, we don’t really mind!

“Boys don’t cry”


One word for those who believe in this, biology. Look up “lacrimal gland” and you’ll discover that crying is as natural as sweating. But yeah, we get it, men can only sweat in the gym, right?

So there you go with the nonsensical stuff that can irritate a man to the core. They’re unreasonable, lame, super-annoying and have to go.

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