5 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own!

There's a sense of perfection in the basics. Trends make their own sweet cameos but the lead is followed by our fail-safe basics that never let us down. From the workplace to hang out with friends to fancy date nights with girlfriends, the classic staples bring out the best of us.

Let's check out the 5 wardrobe essentials that you must own!

1. The never-goes-out-of-style white shirt

09Crisp white shirt with blue denim/trousers/shorts/whatever can never be a wrong combination. Its versatility is unmatchable and does wonders every time it's worn.

2. A pair of denim jeans

04No, not the ones that have a hard time befriending your waist. A right pair of jeans can elevate your look instantly.

3. The always-raises-temperature leather jacket

07Every guy's favourite! Black or brown, this staple clothing is a must-have. This has proven to be a magnet for girls, ALWAYS!

4.  The Classic Blazer

03The right blazer paired with formal trousers or casual or jeans is a definite YES.

5. The right pair of accessories

pic_1No look is complete without accessorising it well. Platinum bracelets or funky pendants or classy cufflinks and tie-pins, these accessories play a very important role in dressing up.

Look dapper. Stay stylish. Dare to wear!


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