6 Jewelry Trends For Men this Summer – Stay On Top Of The Fashion Curve!

Seasons come, seasons go, but moments don’t come back. This summer, make everyday a special one. Wear jewelry that gets everyone to sit up and take notice. Create the trend and stay ahead of everyone. Stay on top of the fashion curve and shatter all conventions. Look like an all-weather boy-next-door yet the man of charisma. Wear jewelry to carve a niche in the minds of people. Become distinguished by your presence and conspicuous by your absence. Here are some 6 jewelry trends for men this summer that is hard to miss. 1. Designer Rudraksha Bracelet – Wearer’s pride, onlookers envy Jewelry trends for men There is something magical about this Rudraksha bracelet as an example. Not only does it elevates the stature of the wearer, but creates an invisible radiance and unmistakable charm about this person. This particular bracelet has immaculate designer symmetry, stylish colour tones and a fitting finish. A long-lasting bracelet such as this will last a life-time so that even in the hottest of summers, the mind is cool and calm. It’s time to let go of apprehensions, and endorse a new trend – of wearing a charming rudraksha bracelet this summer. With such designs around, it is not a chore to buy online jewelry for men. 2. The Lock & Key Design pendant – You are a treasure, waiting to be unlocked Summer-Jewelry-Blog-02This latest jewelry design is the latest fad this summer and will be so for several summers hereafter. Already seen worn by the who’s who on the fashion circuits, red carpets, business baron enclaves to ultra-fashionable revelers at DJ parties by the beach, it’s just not right to miss this one! The design is a perfect synergy of ruggedness, bold symbolism and eccentric energy. It is for the man who is a treasure trove of energy, enthusiasm, charisma, perfection and personality. Seen here is the perfect tribute to the lock & key design that is crafted to perfection with high-quality durable materials. 3. Trendsetting Gayatri Mantra pendant – Wear and carry the ancient mantra of power and purity Summer-Jewelry-Blog-03The modern man is spiritual and religion-agnostic. He celebrates diversity and inclusion. An epitome of tolerance and equality, this is the person that represents the face of modern humanity. The Gayatri Mantra engraved khanjar design pendant with chain shown here is for the man who prays for peace. Spiritual pendants have been the trend for summers for quite some time. This beautifully designed pendant embellished with sparkling CZ stones combines tradition and trend in a distinct hyperbolic style. The engravings on the pendant are ancient powerful words to give the wearer layers and layers of protection from negative energies that prevail. This is a perfect instance of a fashionable jewelry that has extremely strong reasons to wear. 4. Gold plated cufflinks – Display a subtle royalty that takes center-stage Summer-Jewelry-Blog-04This summer, the metal that shines the brightest under the bright sun is gold. So wear a gold-plated cufflink and harness the abundance of the sun’s energies. The flawless design of this piece show in this image will add tons of charm to the wearer. Portray a royalty that cannot be described but only seen and felt. These cufflinks are crafted with great precision, so buying a design such as this will make all your favorite shirts seem dearer. 5. Studded rings – Sparkling stones make a comeback this summer Summer-Jewelry-Blog-05Summer fashion is about looking cool, cooler and coolest. Jewelry such as this gold-plated CZ-studded silver ring for men is meant to produce a winter within the mind and body even in the midst of a hot summer afternoon! It’s all about the feeling that jewelry produces – that’s specifically why CZ-studded rings such as these have revisited the fashion circuits after a brief break. It’s all about feeling great, wearing great and looking great. Rest does not matter! 6. Magnetic earrings – It’s all about getting attracted and becoming the source of attraction! Summer-Jewelry-Blog-06A beautifully stylish magnetic earring as shown in the picture is a summer fashion jewelry trend that breaks all rules and is yet not outlawed. It’s all about staying unconventional, non-conforming and yet not breaking the rules. Become the deal-builder and not the rule-breaker. Get going and start winning with this magnetic earring that promises a lot of glorious days ahead. Stay ahead of the fashion curve and retain the numero uno position. Not just in fashion, but in life, love and career. Wear these trendy men’s jewelry and start seeing positive results. Buy them at Voylla, the world’s premier fashion jewelry store offering tons of designs at affordable prices.
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