6 Mistakes That Men Make When Wearing Or Choosing Jewelry

Real men don’t just wear jewelry, but wear it the right way! It all boils down to confidence when it comes to gold chain designs for men's wear. If there is confidence, there is charisma. And all that glitters is as good as gold! Men can wear gold chain design for men's accessories, lockets, bracelets, rudraksha malas, wrist bands, collar pins and many such fashionable jewelry accessories – provided they don’t make the following “mistakes” while wearing or choosing jewelry.

1. Not wearing as per the surrounding and situation

Don’t wear a zingy piece of gold chain design for man when going to an interview. Choose a very straight and neutral design. Interviews are not the ideal situations to portray a personal style quotient. It’s about being formal and as formal as one can be.

Students who are part of educational institutions could be bound by specific dress codes. So choose a silver chain online that attracts rather than distracts people for the worse! It also depends on the type of subjects being studied. So someone studying law cannot have a metallic, shimmering and clunky chain worn outside the suit! It’s like looking like an outlaw in a court of law!

2. Going overboard

Something in excess is generally not a success. You need to understand how much jewelry is sufficient. Too much jewelry can create a clutter and give mixed signals and responses. Too less jewelry could pass off unnoticed. So shop for the golden chain online that creates the right balance and wear the jewelry at places where they can be seen.

3. Unbalanced appeal

A simple case of an unbalanced appeal is men wearing gold chains stacked atop each other. It does create a unique appearance, but distracts people from the outfit. Rather, the chains become the cynosure of attention. So create a balanced look by using jewelry that balances the outfit and not supersedes it.

4. Not choosing chains based on skin tone

There are multiple skin tones, and each one has its own distinct appeal. Warmer skin tones such as dark brown, wheatish brown or black look good in yellow gold, brass and silver chain design. Light skin such as pale white, white, light brown and wheatish can carry off a white gold chain or platinum bracelet with ease.

5. Jewelry is not feminine!

Sometimes men don’t choose chains online assuming that wearing them is feminine. They might judge any gents gold chain or bracelet based on this pre-conceived notion. But it has to be said that male bracelets were worn in 3000 BC. Egyptian pharaohs used to wear mens gold chains and such extensive jewels that marked their power and authority.

6. Not wearing jewellery as per body size

Body size dictates the choice of chains to wear. There are a myriad gold chain design for male body proportions. For example, a wide neck requires a long chain. Smaller men can look comfortably appealing in small chains that are not too long.


There is a lot of confusion as to the best golden chain design or silver pendant to choose. Voylla has an extensive collection of gold chain design for men and silver chain for men with price discounts. So it is the right time to stop getting confused and go for the latest gold chain designs for men!

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