Accessorize for the Wedding Season

Why should women have all the fun! Popular to contrary belief, men too, much like women love playing ‘dress up’ on weddings, and think beyond their regular, traditional attire. Accessories do play a pivotal part in their lives, and whether it’s ethnic inspired pieces or edgy motifs, men love flaunting their inherent style at weddings.

Whether you plan on going all traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between, Dare by Voylla completes your look with some of the best accessories for men.

Religious Jewelry with Ethnics

blog2You can never go wrong with religious jewelry when teamed up with ethnics during the wedding season. Rudraksh accessories are the best bet for this look. Here are a few options to explore.

Cufflinks with Formals

RFBBOM21262_00Who says you can’t make a statement with formal accessories? Oxidized pieces lend a subtle yet sophisticated angle to your outfit. Brooches and cufflinks like these add that zing to your seemingly boring formals.

Leather Stacks for Cocktail Parties

5Confused about what might look classy with your cocktail outfit? Leather bands with motifs are a safe choice when experimenting with your party look. Go for bold leather stacks and rock that party like never before.

Bold, blingy, minimalist, or classy! There’s enough and more for every man and every occasion.

Remember there’s a fine line between being stylish or being overdone. The modern Indian man knows where to draw the line. Follow this mantra and keep checking this page to never go wrong with your accessories again.

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