A Complete Guide To Buying Men's Jewelry

Guide To Buying Men's JewelryJewellery is as much a man’s prerogative as it is for a woman. In the modern era, the metro-sexual man carries his energy, attitude and charm with pendants, bracelets and several other such jewelry options. There are myriads of designs to choose bracelets for men, gold lockets for men to gold earrings for men.

The modern man demands style, substance and quality. Here’s how to choose the best jewelry that fits one’s price, personality and perception.

Knowing what to want

Before logging in to purchase jewellery in an online store, understand personal style, form and function requirements. An online store possesses a huge assortment of collections. Ranging from wrist bands for men to silver bracelet designs, choosing from this enormous collection is a daunting task. So do some homework before doing the purchase.

Colour: What is the colour of choice? Is it plain gold or a tinge of gold and silver? Choosing the right colour for gold chain design for men's range to engagement rings for men eliminates a lot of confusion. With a clear colour or combination in mind, it’s time to move on to the next criteria.

Metal: A gold-toned jewel may not be made of gold; so if choosing the metal is the criteria, finalize on the type of metal. It could be a gold ring design for male wearers or silver bracelets for men with price discounts – but finalize on the metal. Now that the colour is finalized and so is the metal, the range of options to choose from gets clearer.

Form: What’s the style quotient? Is it chunky? Slim? Slender? With cufflinks? Draw a mental map of the form. It applies to any type of jewellery; not just gold chain designs but even diamond rings for men.

Price: Often the price could be the first criteria; but when it comes to buying a gold chain online or any type of jewellery, it should be the last criteria in order to elicit a satisfying purchase. Finalize on the budget and look for jewellery within this budget that confirms to the pre-determined colour, metal and form requirements.

How to choose a perfect male bracelet

Guide To Buying Men's JewelryA male bracelet is a perfect arm accessory and is an expression of freedom, choice and power. It is beneficial to choose a wrist adornment factoring in several criteria for purchase such as materials used, form and function.

The metal version: For men, a sleek design is classic and displays a flash of vigour. Mix metal with wooden beads to contrast and balance the metallic finish.

Beaded bracelet: Beaded bracelets can come stacked up with a variety of materials.

Woven design: For the colour conscious, a woven design fits the bill. Dyed bracelets woven with gold and silver finish combines earthy sophistication and class.

Tips to choose male pendants

Guide To Buying Men's JewelryWhen choosing gold pendants for men or gold chain designs for men, be mindful of the fact that there are other materials to choose from too. Common materials used in manufacturing are gold, silver chain design, tungsten, titanium, platinum and stainless steel. Titanium and stainless steel based pendants can be worn for those with sensitive skin, because these materials are hypoallergenic. Pendants are used to essay a flashy show of style so choose the one that supports personal behavior and qualities. For those who are laid-back a simple pendant with a sport’s team logo would suffice. For those who are mysterious, a sword pendant or religious pendant can suffice. The ones seeking solace in quiet sophistication can go for a gold chain online purchase.

Guide to choosing lockets for men

Lockets are a different version of pendants, but with a difference. Gold locket designs for men can be used to hold belongings of personal interest and value. There are different types of lockets such as spinner, keepsake, photograph and perfume. Spinner gold lockets for men spin freely as they are not attached to the chain, keepsake lockets are for keeping things such as curls of elephant hair for example. Photograph lockets are useful to enclose photographs, perfume lockets are used to enclose fragrance. If the locket is heavy choose a gold chain as it is the strongest.

Tips to choose engagement rings for men

Guide To Buying Men's JewelryAn engagement ring carries a treasure trove of memories, so choose one with care. The classic ring design for male style features a diamond at the center or it could be sapphire. Both these stones are the hardest on the Mohs scale of hardness. Sapphires are comparatively inexpensive and they come in colours such as deep blue, pink and yellow. Diamonds have ten popular shapes, but round is the most popular. Choosing a non-round diamond rings for men is inexpensive because a majority of purchases are based on the round diamond shape. The square and cushion cut are popular non-round choices. So when it comes to engagement rings for men, there are a plethora of choices for that beautiful occasion.

How to choose diamond rings for men

For those who wear suits and business clothing, small earrings or the stud variety suit better. Gold earrings are for warmer skin texture and silver earrings are for lighter skin tones. Hoops are circular and penetrate the lobes of the ears with a wire. Barbells go from one side of the ear to the other. Novelty varieties are changeable and include an assortment of shapes as they can be worn existing earrings. Magnetic earrings are for those who don’t want to pierce their ears. They stay on the earlobe by way of a magnet. Boys and men alike can wear either boys earrings or gold earnings for men, but generally the latter is for those who have seen all, done all. It doesn’t matter, as long as it feels good, looks good; it’s worth the buy!

Tips to buy gold and silver jewellery

Gold jewellery has characteristics such as purity, quality and price. Caratage indicates purity and pure gold is generally soft to use. Generally pure gold is alloyed with other metals to give it durability. Gold chain designs for mens preferences combine metals to give it a rugged and tough finish.

18K, 22K and 24K are the caratage categories, so the higher the caratage, the higher is the purity. There are many colour options for gold jewellery such as white, yellow and rose; and then there are a myriad designs that incorporate dual tone or multiple tone variants as well.

Some online jewelers may brand their own cartage in addition to the universal caratage through the hallmarking identification stamp. In India, online or brick-and-mortar store jewellers get BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) certified from the BIS Hallmarking Scheme, which is a Government of India initiative.

Silver ornaments can come stamped with purity specifications such as .925 or 925. It indicates that the silver is 92% pure; however, some online jewellers may not have this specification. Choose to buy from a trustworthy online store.

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