Cufflinks For Every Role You Play

Choosing the right outfit is just the tip of the iceberg, the best-dressed is always the one who never misses a single detail. Watches, belts and wallets have been done to death, what we don’t hear much of are cufflinks. Sure, it depends on what you’re wearing and where you’re going! And here we are to make the choice much simpler for you.

Out with someone for the first time? Well, you know what they say, cast an impression that lasts forever. If you think cufflinks are too sophisticated for a date, well, you couldn’t be more wrong.

SBJAI21248Carrying off a classy yet breezy look will work like a charm with Star Stripes Silver Oxidized Squad Cufflinks or Mountain Motif Silver Oxidized Squad Cufflinks. Pair them up with your favorite date-shirt and you’re good to go.


Now, if what you’re looking for is a regal attire, say, for a wedding reception, check this out. We go all out while dressing for something as big as a wedding, so there’s really no point in hiding yourself behind blandness.

RFBBOM21262_00What could come to your rescue is either this finely crafted pair of cufflinks or this truly trendy one. Made of stainless steel and studded with white & black gems, respectively, these cufflinks ooze celebration and festivity.

RFBOM21296_00While trying to pull off a purely corporate look, most of us take our three-piece suits for granted, and don’t bother much about the add-ons.

Untitled-1Dare By Voylla’s Squad Oxidized Silver Cufflinks are for those hopeless workaholics who care to carry an edge. Their elegant, antique-y look will totally revamp yours as well.

Can we then safely conclude that cufflinks can make a difference and matter more than you thought? So the next time you dress up for an occasion, don’t shy away from throwing in some of these cool cufflinks.

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