Five Friendship Movies That Moved Your Heart

Friendship movies bring back memories of college days, school days or of time spent in the company of friends. Many people are able to relate to these movies because some of the screenplays might coincide with real events that happened in their life. By far movies involving friends are remembered as much as classical romance flicks, romantic thrillers, action or comedy. Here are some of the famous movies based on friendship which made waves in Bollywood.

Dil Chahta Hai


Three recluse friends are on a tryst to find their destinies. One believes in short-term two-week relationships, the other is obsessed with the idea of never-ending romance and the third is an artist and the most matured one. It all happens when they head to Goa for a holiday. Their lives change, and they change as well. In between, there is some discord between the friends, but all is well between them after some ups and downs. The film showcases the fact that if friendships are deep, they stand the test of time.

Rang De Basanti

Range De basantiSource:

Seldom do four friends come together to act in a movie. This film is about four friends being recruited by a British filmmaker to act in a film about Indian freedom fighters. From being four vagabonds, their roles in the film have a profound impact on them personally. As they seep into the roles, they understand the gravity of every character and the ultimate sacrifice that each freedom fighter made for the nation. This is a story of self-realization and of the realization of a brutal past of the country – that has been so much forgotten today.

3 Idiots

3 IdiotsSource:

The setting of the film is in one of the country’s top engineering colleges. Three students become thick friends – they are bonded together by their love of the unusual and hate for the dean. One is a talented engineer who is fit for the course. The other is a talented photographer forced to study engineering by his ambitious dad. The third is just not good at engineering. The film highlights the travails and difficulties of these rebels in the ambit of mounting parental expectations.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Zindagi Na milegi DobaraSource:

Three friends have been friends since childhood. They are now enjoying bachelorhood and they set off on a trip to Spain to celebrate their stag years. On the trip, one of them finds love, while the other conquers his workaholism, while the third breaks-up and makes-up with his fiancé.

Rock On

A group of budding rock stars almost makes it, but fails to make it. They go their separate ways. The film tracks their lives from being wide-eyed rock star wannabes to reality-struck salaried professionals. Yet, it’s not over after all as the group gets together to fulfill their potentials. This time it’s not for the money or fame – but for their souls.

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