Your Guide To Men's Jewelry

Accessories are to outfits what butter is to bread. They add just the right flavour to your clothing. But it's not that simple! You need to pick the right pieces and pair them up with the right attire in the right amount. Too much to take, eh? Fret not, here are some quick guidelines to make you smarter when it comes to choosing accessories.

Accessories should blend well with your look, not stand alone.

Think accessory as something that adds instant-zing to your look, instead of bluntly shifting focus to itself. Subtle pieces do the job right, so settle for them. Rings can be your go-to choice to nail the style game with utmost poise.

Dare By Voylla's Stylite Solitaire collection offers ample options to give a touch of sophistication to your impeccable style with perfectly crafted rings.

Buy accessories you will wear often.

Don't buy just because you liked a certain piece so much that you couldn't steer clear of it. A handsome bracelet is simply in the wrong wardrobe if never worn. On the contrary, pick accessories that'll never go out of style, especially the ones you can always flaunt at various occasions with aplomb.

Insignia from the house of Dare by Voylla is a spread of cool, edgy rings and pendants – something you wouldn't mind wearing over and over.

blog-1Equally enchanting is the bold Heavy Duty collection from Dare by Voylla – comprising of unique stylish rings, chains and bracelets.

Think twice before paying a little extra for style.

Weigh your options before pressing the 'Pay' button. If you feel the need to own a certain, and unusually expensive accessory to up your fashion game – ensure it doesn't only look great, but also looks great doing its job. Looking for some stellar masterpieces that don't come with eye-popping price tags? Look no further than Voylla's Dark Horse collection.

blog-2It's designed to excellence, oozes class in abundance, and is absolutely affordable!

That was it, boys!

Steal the show with these ultimate accessories of the season, and keep refining your style statement for good.

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