Health Benefits of Copper Jewelry

One of the oldest metal ores found by humans, copper has been used by us early on. Highly treasured, it was almost a status symbol back in ancient Egypt. Its malleability makes copper ideal for jewelry-making. But does it have health benefits as well? Absolutely! It has been deemed medicinal and therapeutic because of its effects. Here’s how copper jewelry can help you live a healthier life. Anti-aging effects A major component in skin creams and serums, copper’s antioxidant quality isn’t a new discovery. It’s known to be an integral part of the beauty regime of the legendary empress Cleopatra. Besides, it provides sun protection to skin and hair. Antibacterial benefits Just like its skin-friendliness, the antibacterial property of copper jewelry has been rife across cultures. It was an essential ingredient for the sterilization of water and wound. Be it speedy wound healing or protection from fungi or bacteria-based infection, copper is well-known for its remedial potential. Copper Bracelets for Men Enhances brain functioning Research has found that copper plays a vital role in maintaining the health of one’s brain. It has also been observed that the metal could also be helpful to fight neurological disorders like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and so on. Moreover, copper improves the overall brain functioning. Remedy for joint stiffness & joint pain Widely renowned as a cure for arthritis, copper – especially when used in bracelets - is an effective anti-inflammatory agent. An amazing pain-reliever, copper is great for getting rid of joint stiffness as well. Maintains cholesterol level When it comes to keeping heart diseases at bay, copper can be a vital aide. It helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level and reduces cardiovascular risks. Improves digestion & metabolism We’ve saved the best for last. Copper can play an amazing complementary role to your healthy eating habit, as it improves digestion and metabolism. Weight loss problems? You know what to do now! Copper isn’t just a shiny metal that makes for a great accessory, as can be seen, its health benefits are enormous. So, don’t shy away from stocking up on those copper blings anymore, their effect surely goes beyond the skin. And if you need some help, here are some super cool options.
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