How To Take Care Of Leather In Winters

Whether it’s that much-awaited Manali trip or just a casual day at work, those kickass leather boots and that killer leather jacket will totally spice up your look, won’t they! And how about some uber-cool leather accessorizing with our exquisite Leather Bracelet, Black Leather Pendant and Brown Leather Wallet?

blog-resize-leather-2Sounds great, but here’s the drill. Although famous for its durability, leather does get worn out due to lack of proper care. Let’s walk over a few ways you can take care of leather during winters.

Wherever you go this winter, your leather boots will thank you if you look out for the salt stains. You can use any protector spray, a couple of times a week to stop them from eating away at your boots.

Scuffs and leather do not mix too well. To keep them off leather, you can simply dab a soft cloth in water, then in baking soda, and voila! Your leather accessories will be as good as new!

blog-resize-leather-1Let liquid stains on leather dry before cleaning them, as they might smudge if cleaned while still wet. Simply sweep them off with a brush after drying. And since we’re on it, never try to dry leather by keeping it in direct sunlight or right in front of a radiator.

Pro tip: Always test-clean a small part of your leather boots or accessories while trying a new product.

Now, few words for the suede-stompers. Go for a dry brush to clean it rather than wet clothes. There’s a wide variety of suede brushes you can pick that can do the trick.

blog-resize-leather-3Besides these, there’s one crucial step you must never skip when it comes to caring for your leather stuff. Leather is nothing but skin, it has pores, thus it needs to breathe. Therefore, never ever store it in plastic bags or small airtight crevices.

So, think you’re ready to rock your leather responsibly this season? We believe you are if you follow these steps!

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