Rannvijay's 5 Best Looks of 2017 Decoded

DARE is as common as breathing to Rannvijay – the roadster of Roadies fame. The DARE philosophy of Voylla is based on unconventional designs and originality. Very similar to Rannvijay’s philosophy in life – this is to defy conventions, rebel regressive rules and be high on individualism.

Whether it is cutting through the wind on a fast bike or at an event under lights with film and television personalities or just about anywhere – Rannvijay is himself. And he carries his cool air attitude with outfits that portray his free spirit and willingness to quash conventions. He is an integral part of the DARE collection – a jewelry design process that inspires him and something that draws inspiration from people like him!

Here’ a look at some of his 5 best looks of 2017.

The Aviator Look


A command is at most times a demand for action. But when in a cool aviator avatar with true-blue sunglasses and an army-shaded overcoat, a commanding appearance becomes democratic and endearing. Top it with a New York Yankees cap, raw rugged stubble, a black t-shirt – look all set to cross that nagging border and burn the enemies of the state. Not to forget the Voylla pendant that takes center-stage – it’s all about courage under fire. Get this Aviator look right now – combine it with bracelets and a hoops earring. Make a mere presence and hear the gun shots go up in the air.

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Tear away fashion

A son of the soil is highly patriotic, has raw rustics that breathe sun, earth, water and fire. He has his terrain marked – trespassers not allowed. When surveying his fields of fortune he wears a long flannelling overcoat textured in an Earthy brown-red color. He wears torn jeans indicating a tear away fashion statement. And as always a Voylla chain adorns the middle of his sanity – that’s his epicenter of power. On a windy sunny day by the fields, he displays Earthy fashion.

Backstreet fashion – when the pavements are also ramps

Blog-Resize3Fashion is an unlimited attitude that is not restricted to closed indoors or fashion streets or malls or fashion shows. It is right here, right now. A backstreet hipster appearance such as this makes any pavement a ramp. Army shades for trousers, light brown t-shirt and a dazzling Voylla pendant looks like a DJ on the prowl on the streets. Combine that with a buoyant personality and a cool damsel as arm candy. Open all those shutters and get the crowd out. The streetlights are good enough for disco lights. Get the hose out, plug it into a water stream and spray it over a wild crowd. Who let the crowd out? Who?

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Hat-trick hero

Blog-Resize2A hats-off fashion stance such as this is not a hat-trick such as pulling the rabbit out of the hat. It is not an illusion or a myth. It’s for real and for keeps. A textured hat with a matching outfit with a Voylla pendant such as this can make for more than a selfie. It’s the stuff to strut around in a pool-side party or on a beach outing. Wear as many pendants to deck up that chest with an armor of men’s long and short chains. Go for earrings to complete the look. Ride that fashion highway with no rear mirrors.


Blog-Resize1When life is a game of pawns, there is someone who is already checkmating everyone in sight. A hot-air balloon just landed and out walked the minister with a checked shirt worn over an orange t-shirt. His Voylla pendant is a hooked design – can anyone leash this wild cat? Voylla bracelets add gravity to his appearance. Looking effortless is an art – this is a checkmate style that wins so many bouquets.

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