Top Trends For Men’s Accessories At Work In 2018

What you wear matters! More so, if you’re a CEO, a senior level manager or one of the board members. Not just clients, but even your peers pay a lot of attention to what you wear and how you carry yourself. Don’t disappoint them by being plain this year, and gear up for an exciting 2018.

Introducing you to our exclusive range of boardroom accessories for men - Dark Horse! Get started with these top 5 picks from the collection.

 Dual Plated  Bracelet


Easygoing and edgy, get this interesting piece of jewelry if that’s how you define yourself too! A perfectly finished metallic center, attached with fine quality black leather belt, makes this accessory a must-have for your closet.

Sleek Black Rhodium Plated Cuff

Attractive and authoritative, this sleek piece is an absolute head-turner. Black rhodium plating with a streak of gold on this stainless steel cuff, makes it a solid work of art, which is bound to command attention.

Designer Dual Plated Men’s Ring


Bold and brilliant, this black solid ring sets the right tone when you enter the boardroom! Make a style statement in this dual plated stunning piece and leave everyone spellbound.

Stylish Band Ring for Men

Cool and classy, this super smooth accessory is for the smooth talker who’s loved by everyone. Sport this funky ring and set style goals for all!

Become a trendsetter with Dare By Voylla’s Dark Horse collection and let others look up to you in matters of both work and style. Remember, your team might begin to emulate your style, so make it sharp, slick and smelling of success!

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